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When and How to Remodel

If you've been trying to decide between moving to a new house and remodeling the one you have, there are some important things to consider. Cost is, unsurprisingly, the first one that comes to mind. Moving can be pretty expensive when you consider commissions, closing costs, and moving costs, it adds up.

But there's more: moving is also a big step, and many homeowners find moving to be one of the most stressful things they've done has homeowners.

If there's only a few things in your house you'd like to see improved, remodeling is going to be a better bet. Most homeowners agree, as design-build companies have seen a significant increase in remodeling in the past five years.

How to Get it Right

Do your research: this includes both the design elements you want and the contractor you will hire to make the changes.

Look in detail at design books or websites and look for things that get your attention at your friends' homes. Make notes and lists of things you love, try to imagine how those things would look in your house.

When it comes to your contractor, check everything: are they licensed? Insured? Do they come with testimonials? All of these are important to finding a contractor you can trust.

Prioritize your improvements. As you start to see things you like, your imagination might run a bit wild and your list might grow exponentially. Weed that list down to the things you like the most, and put them in order. If budget necessitates not getting one feature or another, you want to know right away which things can go and which you really want to stay.

Give the project time. Remodeling takes some time. Listen to your contractor when they give you a time estimate, and don't try to rush. As long as the remodeler is doing everything they're supposed to, let them have the full duration of the estimated time to make sure it gets done right!


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