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What Goes Into A Bathroom Edition?

DSCN2433-890-700-500-80A bathroom remodeling project can be quite complicated and time consuming when you don’t focus on the right aspects. It is important to consider the three most important elements of a bathroom remodeling project. Those elements are plumbing, electrical and framework. With a proper understanding of these concepts, you will be able to handle everything without any problems. Before we explain these aspects, here’s some good advice: In order to make sure the bathroom remodeling project goes smoothly, you should hire professionals for the job. These days, most professionals have their own websites where you can schedule an appointment or check prices. Try Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus. It’s important to check the company’s background and gather other information to make an informed choice.

Strip Down Everything

The first step to remodeling your bathroom is to strip everything down. The degree of your bathroom demolition will depend on the size of the project. Professionals can easily strip down an office sized room in about 3 days. When you hire professionals, it’s important to make sure you have other bathroom facilities available, as your existing bathroom will be disabled for a few days.

Install Electric and Plumbing

It’s important to understand that the walls will be open so the plumbing and electrical can go in first. You need to rough-in the plumbing for your shower, bathtub and toilet. You should always hire professionals for installing new wires and plumbing. You need to conduct two inspections. The first one will be conducted at the rough-in stage. The second inspection is conducted when the walls are back up.


Last but not least, you need to focus on framework. When electrical and plumbing have been installed, you need to hang cabinets, flooring, install towel bars and paint the walls. While installing the framework, you need to focus on every aspect of the bathroom.


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