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Turning Your Sunroom Into a Coastal Paradise

If you have a sunroom, you know the benefits of having a place to relax filled with natural light and a bit of the outside inside. How do you decorate your sunroom? Have you filled it with odds and ends but are hoping for a more cohesive style?

One popular and comfortable style is reaching back to beach memories and creating a coastal room that invites you to come in and relax. With these designs, you’ll be one step short of smelling salty sea air!

The Getaway. Imagine a beach villa, situated on an island coast. Quiet, restful, natural, and exquisite—you can turn your sunroom into that space for you:

Pair creamy white colors and fabrics with natural elements like whicker and wood to create the feeling of an elegant villa. If you want a splash of color, look for creamy butter yellows or rich bronzes to maintain the lush but natural feeling of the space.

The Ocean Front Room. If you frequently visit the beach, you’re probably used to asking if any ocean front rooms are available. Beach-front hotels tend towards a particular style, and you can recreate that in your own sunroom.

Combine elegant, natural wicker furniture with shades of blue (choose your favorite!) and classic white to help the room feel light. Include natural textures throughout the room: wood, hemp, bamboo. Combining the natural textures with soft fabrics and blue colors will create the beach-front room you’re looking for.

A Sea of Color. If you really want to get bold, switch the neutral for the vibrant, and use a bright shade of blue green like turquoise or teal as the primary color of the room, then anchor that with neutrals.

Pair turquoise with sandy brown and dark woods for a light, classic beach feel. When you combine teal with dark browns, whites, and gold, you’ll get a familiar beach feel that’s a little more rich and elegant.

What will you do in your sunroom?


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