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Tips on How to Color Coordinate Your Bathroom

painter2In case you are feeling the desire to renovate your bathroom then it is very important to consider the color coordination in your design. If your wall colors, tile and features such as the sink, bathtub and shower are not coordinated well, your bathroom remodel can end up being a disaster! Below are some things to consider when designing your bathroom remodel: 

Choose the Color You Like

You should consider upgrading your walls with a vibrant but relaxing color, or a simple yet elegant wallpaper pattern that is not too distracting.  This will help to coordinate the rest of the bathroom.

Sink and Cabinet Options

The bathroom sinks and cabinets come in a variety of designs, styles and materials. You can choose something with a classic style, or go for more modern and other unique styles. The main thing to remember is that the color of the cabinets and sink should coordinate with your wall choice to tie the room together.

Tub and Shower Options

You should choose a tub or shower that will blend well with your other color choices within the room. There are also other important decisions such as whether to simply replace the existing tub/shower, create a new design by making them separate, or whatever you may have in mind.

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