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Reasons to Choose Cabinet Refacing over Replacing for Your Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Custom Cabinet Refacing Westerville 41 277 700 500 80Kitchen renovations are one of the most common remodeling projects done on home. While a project like this can be very elaborate in scale, such as completely redesigning the layout and replacing everything, this does not have to be done to achieve a new look. Many homeowners wish to renew and update the look of their kitchen without necessarily altering the current layout. Cabinets are one of the main features in every kitchen, and refacing them allows you to keep your current kitchen layout intact while updating its appearance. Refacing is a fairly simple but rewarding job that involves covering your existing cabinet boxes with a thin veneer, real wood or vinyl, and completely replacing the drawer faces and doors. However, existing cabinet boxes must be in good condition. When compared to removing your old cabinets and installing new ones, refacing can be the better option for some homeowners because of the following reasons:

Low cost 

Remodeling a kitchen with entirely new cabinets can be very expensive, but refacing often costs less than half of that amount. In addition, the Remodeling Magazine claims that minor kitchen remodels, especially refacing, contribute significantly to recouping costs at home resale. 

Less time required 

Refacing your kitchen cabinets typically takes less than half the time needed to replace them with new cabinets.

Less disruption 

You can continue to use your kitchen even while the work is ongoing. When refacing, everything can remain in the cabinets, which essentially leaves you with a working kitchen. 

Less complicated

Compared to the more complicated task of having custom cabinets built and installed, refacing is a much simpler process, as it utilizing your existing cabinet boxes.

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