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Outdoor Living: Tips for Colors on Your Porch

Do you spend summer evenings on your porch, deck, or sunroom chatting with friends and enjoying the season? Chances are, you have furniture and some decorative items there, but how much have you decorated the space?

The truth is, you can do a lot with a porch or deck space, especially by incorporating color. If you aren’t sure how to begin with creating a true outdoor living area, this should get you moving in the right direction:

The Furniture

The outdoor furniture you use will likely be your biggest, most eye-catching feature, so it’s important to find something you really like. There are so many options available, from outdoor sofas and lounges to comfortable bucket chairs and soft benches.

Buy your furniture in a color that suits you and your style, but you might want to stick to buying a neutral color you like. Why? Because this creates a versatile canvas on which you can build the rest of your décor.

Better yet, if you get tired of one theme, you can easily switch to something new just by changing out the accessories!

The Colors

Once you’ve got your furniture, you will want to decide on the colors you’re going to use. Look for colors that you like that also fit the mood you want to create.

Blues, greens, and purples are often calming, and in an outdoor setting, blue and green reflect nature.

Reds, oranges, and golds are warmer colors and tend to make a space feel more vibrant and social.

The purpose of your outdoor living space will help decide which colors you want to choose from for your décor—and of course, you can always change it later!

The Accessories

Think of your décor just like you would a living room. What kinds of things do you have in a living room? Area rugs are a great thing to transition from a living room to an porch or deck. You can find weather-resistant area rugs perfect for outdoor spaces in all sorts of colors and patterns.

Another accessory to add is throw pillows. If you’ve chosen neutral furniture, throw pillows are going to be a great (and comfortable!) way to add some bold colors to the space. 


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