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Give Your Walls a Life of Their Own

When you are remodeling or decorating, the decision for what to do with the walls in your home come down to a few things: color, features like crown molding, and what you hang on your walls. Some designers are looking for a more exciting take on walls, and here are some of their interesting ideas:

Textured Wall

This one has become popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: when you add texture to a wall, you give it dimension and interest quite separate from what you hang on it!

One great tip is to keep your textured wall monochromatic. This allows you to add extra décor like art, a mantle, or shelves without visual competition.

An Art Wall

Love art? This is the perfect wall idea for you! Most often, you hang art on a wall, but what if your whole wall was devoted to art?

There are a couple of great ways to do this: you can create a gallery wall that covers the entire space by choosing pieces that fit tightly together, or you can use prints to make an entire wall collage!

The Concrete Wall

One of the best ways to bring a brand new feel to a room is to combine different styles. By mixing things that are unexpected, you bring an interesting dynamic to the entire room.

A concrete wall, for instance; gives a deconstructed, rough feeling, but when combined with elegant furniture and art, it brings an entirely different element to a glamorous room.

A Bookshelf Wall

If you love to read or have a huge collection of books you want to display, you will want to jump on this idea right away.

One designer created a wall entirely of bookshelves with glass covers. You’ll want to make a way to get to your books, but the idea is stunning and definitely attention-grabbing.

The next time you’re changing your look around, look for ways to turn your walls into art!


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