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Finding Remodeling Inspiration & Principles

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is to take a look at what other homeowners are doing and seeing if their ideas appeal to you. Even if they don't, though; you can often find principles in the things they do that can apply to your own remodel.

HGTV featured some pictures from Rate My Space, and these three in particular offered some overarching principles that could apply to any project:

Design for a Purpose

If you're considering a remodel, one of the best questions you can ask yourself is: “What do I want this room to be for me?” After all, it's your house and your space, and knowing the purpose of the room can help you make decisions.

In this bathroom, the homeowner wanted somewhere to relax, and everything about the room reflects that.

How Does It Feel?

Another question you can ask yourself is “How does this room feel?” If it's not something good, figure out what you can do to fix it.

The owner of this kitchen felt closed off and isolated in her small, walled-in kitchen, so she opted to open up the space with her remodel and couldn't be happier.

Choose Things You Love

Ultimately, it's your room, and you should enjoy it. It should reflect you and your personality, so find things you love that work with the space.

The person who owns this bathroom likely loves natural looks, and this river rock backsplash is a great demonstration of that.


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