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Creating that Man Cave that Represents YOU!

Every husband's dream - The Man Cave. But how do you go about creating that man cave that perfectly represents you, allows you to do the things you love, and gets you away from the people you love? There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to create a little paradise of your own.

1. Find the right space.

Finding the right space is your first challenge. For the most part, your Man Cave must be set apart from the more lived in areas in your house. Any place that your wife will let you have may be right for you. Basements, garages, spare bedrooms, house extensions off of the main areas, these are all suitable spots.

2. Choosing your "theme"

Once you've acquired a spot to claim as your own, it's time to decorate. You'll need to decide the basics: what kind of walls do you want? Wood paneling looks nice in a lot of places. Maybe you want black wall paper or zebra-stripes all down the wall. Whatever you like. Flooring is important too. Do you want wood to match your wall, or a rug for comfort? For a lot of guys, the theme isn't as important as the toys that are inside (we'll get to those next), maybe this is a good chance to get your wife's buy-in by asking which floor or wall combo looks nice for her.

3. Stock your Cave with the right toys.

Finding a quiet place to play with your toys is probably the reason that you wanted to build a Man Cave in the first place. If you want this to be a social Man Cave, then you'll probably need a circular table for playing poker and eating potato chips. Or you'll need a wide-screen TV and a large comfy sofa, and a comfortable arm chair so you can eat potato chips while watching the game with your friends. If you have space for a pool table or a dart board that would be another plus. If you're in for the solo-man cave, you'll need whatever makes you happy. I'm a big fan of getting a home brewing setup and a mini liquor cabinet. And I need a great TV and gaming system to keep myself happy. Surround sound speakers will round out any kind of room though, so you'll need to consider your sound system.

So no matter what, you'll need some space (with spouse's permission), you'll need to design it fairly well (wife can actually help), and you'll need to fill it up with your favorite things to keep you and your friends busy. Just remember to keep your Man Cave clean and bad-smell free.


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