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Common Drywall Problems

Drywall damage is very common due to the fact that drywall itself is quite brittle. Some of the most common drywall problems, and how they can be fixed, include:


It doesn’t matter whether the holes occur from picture frame hooks, bumping into the wall, or even a random teenager tantrum; holes are probably one of the most common drywall problems. Luckily, they are pretty easy to fix and require you to sand the area, fill with spackle or joint compound, and then let dry. A few hours later, you can come along and lightly sand the area and paint over it. If you are dealing with a little bit bigger of a hole; there are drywall repair kits that come with everything you need to patch up a larger, more gaping hole.

Nail Pops

Nail pops are more common in newer builds and require a bit more repair. You simply chip away the drywall mud that is around the pop and see if you can remove the nail. Hammer in two new nails above and below where the original one was and mud over the new nails and the old hole. You can sand and paint just like you would any other hole.

Water Damage

If you had a leak that caused water damage to your wall, the first step is the let the area dry completely after the incident occurs. After that, you can apply a special product that will seal in the area to prevent any mold growth. Once the area has dried you can paint over it.

Most common drywall problems can be fixed with some easy drywall repair. Very rarely does drywall need to be completely removed and replaced, but it does occur when mold or moisture comes into play. It’s best to take care of small problems now--either yourself or by contacting a professional--to preserve your drywall.


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