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Cabinet Handles: Big Style with Little Touches

If you are planning to do a kitchen remodel, or even if you just want to spruce up the fixtures you already have, consider a change of cabinet handles before anything else. They are far cheaper to replace than whole cabinets. Think about the handles in your kitchen or bathroom; they are probably worn down, smudged, or possibly even broken entirely. Fixing those can give your home a much needed look rejuvenation.

Cabinet handles are not only functional pieces on vanities, kitchen drawers, and other household areas, they can also be quite beautiful and decorative. The colors and designs can really tie a room together and help to make a room feel newer and better cared for. Consider the variety of styles and materials that cabinet handles can come in:

  • Wood: Wood is a truly classic material and is lovely for use in any country themed home or cabin.
  • Plastics: Vinyl and fiberglass along with standard plastic are all great for adding color to children’s rooms or other high traffic areas where an inexpensive but easy-to-clean handle is necessary.
  • Metals: Chrome and stainless steel complement a modern decor while brass lends itself well to a vintage or European look. They are especially easy to clean and with the proper materials and care can be kept for a very long time.

Know Your Handles

While there are tons of styles and varieties to choose from, you can make your life a lot easier by knowing what kind of handles are already in place on your cabinets. There are two varieties: wide and round.

Wide vs. Round handles

Round handles use one screw while wide handles use two. If you don’t want to have to drill new holes, it is best to stick with the same type of handle when looking for a replacement. Additionally, it’s important to note the space between two holes on wide style handles. These holes can be covered with a back plate which is mounted to the surface of the cabinet, but it is an extra step and an extra expense.

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