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Big Changes You Can Make in Your Basement

If your basement feels a little less than interesting or welcoming, it might be time for some basement remodeling. There are a lot of things you can do in your basement to make it look and feel better, and a full remodel will transform the place completely.

Not ready for basement remodeling yet? There are a few things you can do first that will make a big impact on your space. If you’re ready for a change, start here:

1. Finishing. If you have an unfinished ceiling, walls, or floor, it instantly makes the basement feel like a basement rather than a functioning, comfortable room. If you can, finishing whatever is unfinished will instantly provide a more welcoming, warm environment.

2. Color. Nothing changes a room as quickly and effectively as color. Find a bold color or a rich neutral (or a combination!) and add it to the walls. If you have a larger basement you plan to divide into sections—TV room here, office there—it’s not a bad idea to use different but complementary colors for each room to help define the space.

3. Light. Basements are naturally dark. If you have a window, maximize it! Otherwise, invest in some great light fixtures with brighter, higher-watt bulbs, and put them on dimmer switches for control. Spread light throughout the room through in-set lights, lamps, and sconces to make it feel more inviting.

If you want a completely finished, designed, and functional basement, remodeling is your ultimate goal, but investing in one of these three will definitely get your basement’s transformation started. 


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