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Basement Renovation Options

Your basement can either be a storage facility or a beautiful place to hang out. Many homeowners use this space for storage, entertainment rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. The possibilities are endless with what you can do. Conducting a basement renovation is a good decision because it can add more useful areas to the home and increase the value of it too!

Basement Walls

The wall in your basement may or may not be finished. Originally, they are brick from the foundation blocks used during construction. You can paint and waterproof them with products like Drylok® to add color and prevent water leakage. Aside from that, you can purchase lumber and build walls, followed by drywall surfaces. In addition, you can choose to install wall panels, which can carry the appearance of real wood, brick, or stucco for example. Panels are best installed onto studded walls, but you can install them directly on the block wall. Just be careful with condensation and water leakage if you go that route.

Basement Flooring

The basement floor is originally made of concrete when built, but you can add some life to that in many ways. You can paint the floor to brighten the room with some floor paint or special coating paints like the ones used in garages. In addition, you can lay down carpet, but be careful with water leakage and moisture. Subfloor tiles like DRIcore® can be installed to keep the water underneath and off of the carpet. Aside from those options, you can elect to place a throw rug down or maybe install laminate flooring or thin carpet tiles.

Basement Additions

Your basement can be split into several areas by way of walls. You can build stud wall systems and place drywall on them to create a new room. Most basements have two sides and usually don’t have very many walls, if any. This is your chance to make good use of the area, whether you want to separate storage from entertainment areas or simply want to add a privacy room. In any case, a wall addition is a great idea to organizing that basement of yours.


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