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5 Tips for Small Kitchens to Maximize on Space

4997-101413-gs4997Storage has always been a major issue when re-organizing a kitchen, especially when you have a small home and a tiny kitchen. For small-home owners and urban apartment dwellers, the heart of the home can easily inhibit your happy living when space is at a premium. The following are some creative ways to optimize every inch of precious space while keeping your kitchen necessities organized:

Tip #1: Utilize the Walls

What do you do when your cabinets get filled? You obviously can’t use your counter space because it is precious, but you can do something on your walls. Instead of storing items on the work area, you can use shelves and hooks to hang them. For instance, you can replace a knife block that consumes your space with a mounted knife rack, which keeps your tools within easy reach while remaining tucked out of your way.

Tip #2: Get a Rolling Cart

This is an invaluable piece of equipment in any small kitchen. When you need extra counter space, you simply roll it into position, and then slide it to the side when you are done.

Tip #3: Acquire a Pot Rack

Pot racks can be hung from the wall or ceiling, and used to store or display or manner of cookware, including pots, colanders, and spatulas.

Tip #4: Store Seating

If your kitchen has enough space for an island, then you should install one. Islands provide plenty of the much-needed workspace, and also function as a place to eat, when the need arises. Additionally, some models provide some room underneath for storage or stashing stools when they are not in use.

Tip #5: Optimize On Corners

The usable kitchen corner space usually goes to waste, but there are several ways to utilize that area. One way is to go with a lazy Susan, whereby opening the cabinet door extracts the shelves from the corner, pulling them to the side to place your items within reach. For upper corner cabinets that do not have enough depth for lazy Susans, you can fit them with hinged doors to utilize that space.

Besides these 5 tips, you can find more forgotten space in your kitchen and convert it into a useful area. If you prefer a kitchen makeover instead to maximize the space allotted, Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can install new cabinets, new counters, new floors, and more and arrange them to your liking and to provide maximum space.


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