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5 Things NOT to do When Remodeling Your Kitchen

We have heard a lot of horror stories about home remodeling that went wrong, such as: the contractor left with the down payment, need to wait for a month or more for the completion of the kitchen renovation or the materials were not delivered. It does not have to happen this way. Actually, there are still more hardworking and reputable contractors out there who are honest on what they offer to do to make your home look spectacular at a reasonable price. You just have to be extra careful. 

So, what are the mistakes you have to avoid in these circumstances? Here are 5 Things NOT to do when remodeling your kitchen. 

Do not opt for a much cheaper and quicker home remodeling project. 

Avoid risking your safety by getting a home remodeling project done in few days or at a low price. According to medical reports, among the frequent patients who are brought to hospital emergency rooms are victims injured in home improvement accidents. So, make sure you are familiar in working around with electricity or high power tools, if not, better hire a professional.  

Do not anticipate the remodeling project will run perfectly. 

Most likely, problems will arise once in a while. A few days slippage should not drive you insane, the important thing is that the project contractor is doing his best to handle the problems which may arise along the way and offer some solutions to help you keep everything manageable. You just need to be prepared in case some tweaking is necessary.

Do not start the project, unless all of the components are available and delivered.

Before stating your kitchen renovation, see to it you have all the materials, appliances and other items delivered. Oftentimes, if delivery dates are not checked, the kitchen could be inoperable for a couple of days because you have to wait for undelivered fixtures. Therefore, don’t get anxious to get started unless you have all the renovating materials on your possession. 

Do not expect a functional kitchen if the project is not yet done.

Unless there is an agreement on the contrary, do not anticipate getting a working kitchen if the project is yet to be completed. Running water may be out for a day or two, cabinet re-facing may shut down your kitchen, so probably you have to wait for 2-4 weeks before you can have a kitchen fully functional again.  

Do not pay the contractor for the entire project unless it is all completed. 

It is normal to pay a down payment since contractors have to place orders for materials needed for the renovation. Moreover, it would be wise to keep a portion outstanding until the project is completed so that, in case you decide to stop the project or find your contractor untrustworthy, it won’t be taxing to withdraw or find a new one.  


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