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Some Great Ideas for Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is a great project if you have an unfinished basement that you aren't using for anything. Because of the cost of creating structure, finishing a room is a more affordable alternative to building an addition, and a basement can become anything!

What is the future of the room? Before you start remodeling, it's a good idea to really think about what the room is going to be. Will it always be a rec room? Or will it become a craft room at some point? Is it multi-purpose or very specific? Will it ever become a bedroom?

Knowing the direction the room will take will help you plan what things you can be flexible on and what things are important to maintain for you to have the room you want.

Get the most out of your space. If you're finishing your basement, the last thing you want to do is turn it back into a storage space! For this reason, make the most of the space you have and turn it into hidden storage. Use shelves wherever possible, maximize closet space with organized bins. Invest in multi-functional furniture like benches and ottomans with interior storage.

Don't skimp on the flooring! One of the biggest hurdles of a basement remodel is making it feel less like a basement and more like a cohesive, unified part of the house. Flooring actually goes a long way in achieving this. A comfortable carpet that complements the rest of the design—especially if you tie it into the rest of the house—will help the basement room feel finished.


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