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Maintaining the Look of Your Exterior Remodel

There are few home improvements that can make the exterior of a home look better than having the facade upgraded with brick or stone. If you've recently remodeled the exterior of your home then you'll want to preserve the beauty. There are a few steps to follow after an exterior remodeling job that will help to keep the outside looking good for years to come. 

Upkeep the Upgrade

First off, any type of masonry should be pressure washed at least once every three years. This is especially true for the front of the house. A lot of dirt can accumulate in three years and you'll be surprised how good the house looks afterwards.

Maintaining the Perfect Lawn

Since the lawn is such a conspicuous part of the home; you need to maintain it properly after remaking the outside. This includes more than just keeping it manicured by a lawn service. There are other threats and pests that can kill grass and destroy a beautiful lawn. At least once a week; you should check the lawn for any signs of ant mounds and weeds. If you see even as little as one, you should purchase an organic pesticide to get rid of it. 

New Curtains for Flare

You may not consider new curtains to be part of an exterior makeover. However, the curtains can be seen from the outside of the home. The right color can accent the tone of your home beautifully. The wrong color of curtains can clash with your home's beauty and take away from its appearance. 

Driveway Refinishing: The Final touch

After your entire outside has been upgraded, you may notice the driveway stands out like a sore thumb. Oil stains and tire treads aren't the only culprits contributing to an unsightly driveway. Sneaker scuffs from basketball goals and some cracks from aging can make a driveway look unpleasant. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with a simple driveway resurfacing.


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