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Inspired Remodeled Basement Ideas for Your Home

Planning on a finished basement remodeling or redecorating? As you start to gather ideas to turn your basement into a fun living space, you’ll want to look for things that are exciting and maybe different from what you’ve done in the past. If that’s the case, these tips are for you! Here are five ideas to make your basement both interesting and elegant:

1. Don’t let red scare you! Red is a bold color, but as such, people are often afraid to use in their homes. The trick to taming red is to balance it with lighter, solid neutrals. Pair a red wall with white furniture and features, or vice versa.

2. Switch out the accessories frequently. For the most part, once you settle on a design and all the elements of it, you keep your accessories the same. However, if you find yourself wishing to change things up more often, go for it!

You can do this and add touches of whatever’s trendy to your room by always keeping your eyes open for new accessories that fit your décor and switching them in whenever you feel like it.

3. Florals. For many, florals got a bit of a bad reputation, but these aren’t your mother’s florals! Bring these beautiful, under-appreciated patterns to the limelight by combining a bold floral with a strong, solid color.

Offsetting the floral with the solid colors and accents will help the room feel more balanced.

4. Metal isn’t just for rock and roll. In fact, metallic is a great way to bring a modern edge to your home. Combine metallic features and accessories with strong solid colors, and you will have a modern basement ready for any visitors.

5. Make an accent wall. Looking for a wonderfully bright color but concerned it might be too much? Compromise with an accent wall! Choose one wall as a focus of your room and paint that the bright color you love, or even wallpaper it with a pattern that suits your taste.

Then, balance softer wall colors and furniture pieces against the bold wall to make it come alive.

When it comes to your basement, you can make it as exciting, elegant, and amazing as you want it to be!


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