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Which Design Trends are Making an Impact in 2013?

At the beginning of the year, the design build team at Elle Décor looked over three of the most popular trends they predicted for 2013. If you haven’t jumped on board with any of these yet and you want to, it’s never too late!

How important are trends in design? How do you value trends versus personal taste? It’s a delicate balance! Here’s a look at some of the trends they predicted:

Brass. The Elle team touted brass as “the metal of the moment,” and saw it being used in every possible aspect. In some cases it was in the accessories: frames, vases, candle holders, book ends, and statues. Other times it was in the furniture or architecture itself, from chairs with brass elements to brass staircases.

Green. In January, Pantone announced that their color for the year was Emerald, a rich shade of green. Pantone wasn’t the only one to call out this color—in fact, several paint companies revealed shades of green as their colors of the year, as well.

This one has definitely stuck. Green in different shades has a widely universal appeal, and it can be used in many different ways.

Decorated Walls. This is one of the more unique predictions, but this one has held up, as well. Stencils are especially popular, and there are several companies now that sell easy-to-use stencils. For those not feeling especially artistic, there are also several stencil-like art pieces that you stick to your wall like wallpaper.

If that weren’t enough, different types of wallpaper have made a huge comeback in all sorts of patterns and textures.

Which of these trends do you like? Which ones do you think your home is better off without?


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