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3315 101413 gs3315A basement renovation is a common home-improvement project because it not only provides additional living and storage space, but also increases the value of your home. However, homeowners are faced with many valid concerns when planning a basement renovation, including: how long it will take, the total cost, problems to watch out for, likely returns on the investment, and how much of the work they can do on their own, among others. Below are some important tips to keep in mind: 

How you want to use it

Think about your family’s needs in order to get ideas on what is the best way to utilize the space. For instance, you could turn it into a family room, game room, laundry room, guest room, or rental unit with a small kitchen. Think long-term so your design provides room for easy transformation when you need to use the space for something different. 

Create a detailed plan  

A detailed plan will help you to identify how everything will fit together. Think about all of the possibilities, as it is much easier to make adjustments on paper rather than when the walls are in place. Also, make sure that anything you feel is a must have for the space be identified and included in the plan before you begin your project.  

Develop a budget  

When your plan is ready, you need to determine exactly how much money the project will require. You need to make sure that you don’t max out your budget on the design alone, as issues may arise during construction that may also require money.

Check for moisture problems  

It is important that you check for signs of excess moisture in the basement. Inspect foundation walls and the floor, and repair any damage as required before renovations begin. 

Know the code 

Once you have rectified any moisture problems your plan is ready. However, before you begin your project you need to check with your local municipality to determine if any permits are required. This is very important if your project involves new plumbing and electrical work that needs inspection. 

In order to get the best results, you should consider consulting a professional contractor for recommendations and furnishing of construction labor. Let the specialists at Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio assist you with planning your basement renovation. 

elite 26 90 700 500 80A four-season room is a great addition to any home, where the family can gather to enjoy lots of natural light and magnificent views. The value that a sunroom addition brings more to your home than just the extra square footage; you get an inviting space that is open and more interesting than conventional additions. Whether rain or shine, you, your family, and friends, get to experience and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your house.If you are considering adding a sun room to your house, the following factors will help you make it the best space possible: 

Four-Seasons Versus Three-Seasons Room 

The conventional, three-season room is usually not insulated for winter or extremely cold weather, so in places that experience 4-season climates, they get too cold to use during the winter season. Three-season rooms are good for spring and fall months, but their lack of a central air-conditioning may make them uncomfortable for summer weather also. An all-season or four-season room, on the other hand, has a heating and cooling unit, is well insulated for every season, and is fully functional like any other room in your home, making it available for use every day of the year, while providing amazing views of the outdoors like a traditional sunroom.

Start with Consulting a Professional  

When you decide to add a four-season room to your home, you should first talk to a contractor who specializes in installing sunrooms. Consulting with the right contractors will help you create a personalized design that complements your existing home and is within your budget. The construction will also be done in a timely manner and with attention to detail, so it meets and possibly exceeds your expectations.  

It can be much easier to expand your existing home rather than move to a bigger one, especially if you don’t want to move away from your current neighborhood. So if you need more space, adding a four-season room should prove to be a worthwhile venture. And if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and looking for a remodeling specialist to complete your room addition then you should contact Elite Home Remodeling.

Kitchen Custom Cabinet Refacing Westerville 41 277 700 500 80Kitchen renovations are one of the most common remodeling projects done on home. While a project like this can be very elaborate in scale, such as completely redesigning the layout and replacing everything, this does not have to be done to achieve a new look. Many homeowners wish to renew and update the look of their kitchen without necessarily altering the current layout. Cabinets are one of the main features in every kitchen, and refacing them allows you to keep your current kitchen layout intact while updating its appearance. Refacing is a fairly simple but rewarding job that involves covering your existing cabinet boxes with a thin veneer, real wood or vinyl, and completely replacing the drawer faces and doors. However, existing cabinet boxes must be in good condition. When compared to removing your old cabinets and installing new ones, refacing can be the better option for some homeowners because of the following reasons:

Low cost 

Remodeling a kitchen with entirely new cabinets can be very expensive, but refacing often costs less than half of that amount. In addition, the Remodeling Magazine claims that minor kitchen remodels, especially refacing, contribute significantly to recouping costs at home resale. 

Less time required 

Refacing your kitchen cabinets typically takes less than half the time needed to replace them with new cabinets.

Less disruption 

You can continue to use your kitchen even while the work is ongoing. When refacing, everything can remain in the cabinets, which essentially leaves you with a working kitchen. 

Less complicated

Compared to the more complicated task of having custom cabinets built and installed, refacing is a much simpler process, as it utilizing your existing cabinet boxes.

And if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and interested in finding out more about cabinet refacing, or would like to have a professional cabinet refacing project done in your home, then you should contact Elite Home Remodeling.

elite 23 87 700 500 80Building a room addition on your own is quite a big project, and demands a certain amount of skill and knowledge. Perhaps a new family member is about to arrive, or you are finally building the master suite you’ve wanted for years, or continuing to cram your family into that tiny kitchen is not working for you anymore. When it comes to building such desired additions it is important to bring in professional subcontractors to complete the job. To be successful in a room addition project, you need to not only plan ahead, but also think through every step that must occur until the project is complete. The most important steps include: 

Identify the key objectives  

A good starting point is to come up with a wish list, or a compilation of factors that you feel are essential to the new space you are creating that will influence the shape or design. Ask yourself what problems you intend to address, or what you want the project to accomplish. A room addition obviously points to the need for more living space, but do you also need to improve home traffic-flow, increase entertaining space, or boost storage capacity?

Design your space 

It is important to invest in detailed architectural plans drawn up by a professional, because they provide a clear roadmap to guide the entire project. A good concept should blend with the existing house’s design and materials, so it does not standout in a negative way. Planning will help you identify whether you need to remove or alter a supporting wall. The size will also help to determine whether you need to excavate a foundation or simply cantilever the floor joists. 

Establish a budget  

You need to know roughly how much you want to spend on this new addition and where the money will come from, as this will influence the scope of the project. Once you have the budget, make sure that your plans reflects a use of about 80% of the total, so that you have about 20% set aside for unforeseen problems or changes. 

Permits and codes 

It is a requirement in many states that you get a permit before any construction is done, especially if it is greater than 200 sq. ft. To get a permit, you need: 

A plan, which you can get from an architect or local contractor 

To fill a residential building permit application from your municipal building department (or over the internet)

A check – you will be charged a fee depending on the cost of the construction you’re undertaking. 

You will also need to establish a time frame for your project. And if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, then do not hesitate to contact Elite Home Remodeling, who would be happy to assist you with your room addition.

sofa in living room 1113tm pic 120Screened-in porches can be a wonderful addition to your home, and yours could easily become your new favorite getaway. It offers a comfortable space for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your own home. The right furnishings can make or break your screened-in porch, and using the right materials will ensure that your furniture is not ruined by outside elements.

Not truly qualifying as an “outdoor” space, a screened-in porch, also known as a closed-in porch, deserves more sophisticated furnishings than you would normally put in the backyard, such as iron tables and chairs or park-like wooden picnic tables. Also unlike the home’s interior space, the porch is no place for the soft upholstery found on most sofas and armchairs, even if it is made of leather. The best furniture for a screened-in porch would be something that is weather resistant, while still being comfortable, making the area inviting while reducing maintenance expenses. Elite Home Remodeling, located in Columbus, Ohio, can help you complete the look of your screened-in porch. Here are some options to consider when choosing outdoor furniture.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker is used and loved by many, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight and still highly durable, making it a wonderful choice for your porch area. The natural look of wicker allows it to fit in beautifully with just about any décor. Wicker is not recommended if you have children in your home that may pick at the furniture, causing damage and possibly giving themselves splinters. It is also not a great option for those who are going for a more clean-lined, modern look.

Smooth Wood and Modern Décor

Solid wood furniture, when properly treated for weather resistance, is a great option for your screened-in porch. This furniture is typically heavier and may require more assistance to unload, set up, and rearrange when needed; however, it offers a more modern and classic appearance that many homeowners love. It is a solid choice if you have children who are prone to climbing and jumping on furniture. Wood is versatile in design and can complete the look of almost any décor.

Basement Room Basement and Kitchen Blacklick 4 130 700 500 80The basement is the foundation of your home. It can protect your family from tornados, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Protecting the integrity of your basement is a top priority and it is vital to the overall integrity of your home. You might not have given your basement walls much thought before, and you may be surprised to know that you have a wide variety of options available to you when choosing basement walls. Each type of basement wall has its pros and cons, so you need to be aware and choose wisely based on your specific needs. Elite Home Remodeling, located in Columbus, Ohio, can help you decide which is right for you and your home. These are the most common options for basement walls.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete walls that are manufactured offsite speed up the basement construction. You can choose from a wide range of heights and lengths. While the quality of precast concrete is higher than that of poured concrete or stone walls, this option is more expensive than the others.

Poured Concrete

This is probably the most common option used today because it is both sturdy and economical. The concrete is poured into metal or wooden forms, and then the forms are removed so the walls can harden and become stable on their own.

Brick or Stone Walls

Although this solution is not used as often as precast or poured concrete, basement walls made of stone or bricks area very cost-effective and suitable alternative to poured or precast concrete.

Insulated Walls

Insulated basement walls are the ideal option if you want to make your basement more energy efficient without installing additional insulation. Insulated walls are specially made from a material that protects your basement from outside weather, saving you money on future repairs and high heating costs.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your budget, it is important that you choose the proper basement walls. You may be tempted to choose the least expensive option, but this may end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, or even more money on remodeling. Contact Elite Home Remodeling today; their highly-skilled staff is ready to help you plan your next home improvement.

outdoor1 12 700 500 80Homeowners who spend a lot of time outdoors should consider investing time and money to ensure their outdoor living experience is a pleasant one. A deck can add elegance to your home and offers a lot of room for you to add your own personal taste. Most people think of deck railing as only a safety feature, but deck railings can also visually enhance the look of your deck area; they have the ability to add detail and style to your deck design. There are various types of rails that can be used for your outdoor deck. Elite Home Remodeling, located in Columbus, Ohio, can help you choose the right deck railing for your home.

Wooden Railing

A wooden railing design is a simple and classic option. It gives homeowners a lot of flexibility because contractors can construct something custom from mixed-matched, premade pieces to accomplish the perfect look. Wooden railings are also very affordable; the only downside is that they need regular maintenance in order for them to remain aesthetically appealing and structurally sound. They must be cleaned, stained, and painted from time to time.

Capped Composite Railings

The main advantage of composite railings is that they require very little on-going maintenance. You don’t have to do much to keep them looking good. In addition, there are many reputable brands of capped composite railings to choose from, so finding something that suits your specific style and color should be an easy task.

Metal Deck Railings

There are several types of metal railings currently available on the market, but the most common are galvanized steel, aluminum and iron. One of the main advantages of using metal deck railings is that they normally have a slimmer profile than wood or composite, meaning they are less likely to block the view of the landscape.

Cable Railings

Most homeowners choose cable railings because they visually disappear into the landscape. These horizontal cables are attached to composite or wooden posts, and have a sleek look that beautifully blends with modern landscapes.

Tempered Glass Railings

Tempered glass railings are a great option for landscapes that must endure a lot of wind. If you are the type of person who likes to spend time outdoors in a heavily winded area, then tempered glass railings may be the best option for you.

Sunroom Sunroom 3 696 700 500 80More and more homeowners are starting to realize the many benefits of installing a sunroom in their home. A sunroom is an additional structure built on the side of a house, which can be the perfect outside venue for relaxing or having company over. It is also an excellent place for trees, plants, and flowers that need plenty of sunlight to thrive. There are many more benefits to having a sunroom, including an enhanced mood, an increase in family time, and an increase in home value.

Enhanced Mood

One of the most amazing things about a sunroom is its ability to enhance the mood of everyone in the home. Sunshine is very beneficial to the health of each individual and is an easy way to lift the mood. Sunshine can also help you relax and focus less on stress. It is the perfect place to retreat, read a good book, enjoy a healthy meal, entertain guests, or just enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

Increased Family Time

A sunroom also gives your family a place to gather together and enjoy each other’s company. This world can be so fast-paced, and we all grow up too quickly, but it’s still important that we take time out of our busy lives to spend time with those who matter most. Sunrooms are comfortable year-round, providing a warm place to relax in the winter and a cool place to escape the heat in the summer.  It is the perfect place to entertain guests and the perfect reason to get the whole family together—rain or shine!

Increased Home Value

The extra space alone makes a sunroom a wise investment; a sunroom can significantly increase the value of your home. Homeowners who have installed sunrooms reportedly attracted up to 20% more buyers. Offering your home with a sunroom can be a very strong selling point, as most people love an extra room solely dedicated to relaxation.


Deciding to install a sunroom may seem intimidating and expensive at first, but many homeowners would be surprised to know that installing a sunroom is an extremely affordable addition to any home. Furthermore, you can save money year-round by harnessing energy from the sun and relying less on gas and electricity.

The Bottom Line

Sunrooms are seen as peace havens for homeowners—a place of relaxation where you can enjoy much needed alone time, or invite family and friends over without worrying about outside elements, such as rain or humidity. The added value to your home is also a great reason to invest in a sunroom and the money you save on utilities by harnessing energy from the sun will practically pay for your sunroom! Elite Home Remodeling, located in Columbus, Ohio, offers high-quality sunrooms at affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Install a sunroom in your home today! 

268-101413-gs0268The garage in your home has several uses. The garage is very important for keeping your tools and all off-season equipment, as well as parking your car. However, the garage can be one of the most disorganized places in your home. Keeping equipment and tools at every corner will make your garage look untidy and unable to operate to full capacity. A few modifications in your garage can make bring it to full potential. Tools and equipment can easily be stored in the garage if correct additions are made.

Installing shelves

Installing shelves all around the garage will help create more space for storage of tools and equipment. A garage without shelves is usually underused with homeowners having to store other equipment and tools which can easily fit in your garage. In most homes, you will only find shelves in kitchens. Well, the shelves in the kitchen help hold up more utensils and other kitchen ware. This should be the same case with the garage where shelves should be used to store all tools and equipment.

One can even decide to label the shelves for the different tools they keep for easier access. This way, homeowners will use their garages to full potential.

Making hangers

Hanging storage is very essential in storing things like bags. If one keeps some tools in a bag, then creation of hangers all around the wall in the garage will make it easier to store the bag without taking the floor space.

Putting in additions

If the garage is currently not in use, then there is need to increase the space in your home by making the garage an addition room. The garage can be turned into a home office by changing a few things inside.

All these modifications in the garage can be done by professionals Elite Home Re-modeling Inc. They have the experience to turn homes into dreams increasing the space in your home.

178-1013-A0180When decorating a new space, one of the most important details you'll need to consider is lighting. That is because lighting has the power to make or break the atmosphere you're trying to achieve. Because of that you should take things slow and stay organized in order to make sure you're going to select the best lighting solutions for your home.

Lighting for the bedroom

The bedroom is definitely a room in the house where you need to create an atmosphere that makes it easy to relax and enjoy a wide range of activities. Therefore, it's important you layer fixtures appropriately when designing your lighting in this room. Use a ceiling fixture that offers great light distribution and don't forget about using sconces for your desk area so you can easily do computer work and homework.

Lighting for the dining and kitchen areas

It's safe to say that the kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and that’s because not only do you and your friends and family meet here, but t is also the place you use for cooking. In order to read the newspaper and prepare food, you need to have proper lighting in place and that is why mixing different kinds of fixtures in the kitchen is a good idea. For example, you can use a sconce on either side of the sink or a pendant over the work area, but make sure the fixtures aren't too small or too big that they're going to look out of place. As for the dining areas, you could use a small or large chandelier, depending on the size of the room.

Lighting for the family room

Since this is a room that’s going to serve many functions, you need to consider using flexible lighting solutions. For instance, if the room is generally going to be used for scrap booking or homework, then task lighting is definitely going to work best for it. And while you could install a pendant over a work table and sconces next to a desk, you can also use a chandelier for better illumination. All in all, by following these useful tips, and hiring professionals like the guys at Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, you'll easily be able to choose the best lighting solutions for every room in your house!

Basement Room Basement and Kitchen Blacklick 5-131-700-500-80Mold and mildew can hit your basement when you least expect. Eliminating mold may not be an easy task. This is because there are times when you can see the mold and there are times when you cannot see it. In fact, by the time you see mold, it is at the advanced stages of growth.

It is almost impossible to tell whether there is mold in your basement at its early stages of development. That is why it is always advisable to take certain steps that will prevent mold growth in your home immediately, especially if there has been flooding. Although getting rid of mold can be a little tough, it is something that you can do by yourself using bleach. Here is what you should do to get rid of that mold in your home and get that basement remodel finished.

1. Purchase bleach

You will need a mixture of beach and water to kill the mold. Bleach is a very effective mold killer. If you don’t have bleach in your house, make a purchase at your local store.

2. Mix the bleach with water

Mix a cup of bleach with a gallon of water. Get a medium bristled brush, dip it into the mixture of water and bleach and use it to rub the surface with mold. Rub to remove the entire mold.

3. Put some of the mixture in a spray bottle and spray into the hard to reach areas

The areas that are hard to reach also have mold growing on them. The mixture of water and bleach can only reach these areas to kill the mold through spraying.

4. Dry the surfaces

Make sure that you dry all the surfaces that you have removed mold from. This is an important step because moisture encourages the growth of mold. If you don’t dry the surfaces, mold can easily grow on them again.

In using these instructions, you can help get that basement clean and healthier for your remodeling project. Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can help if you need renovation work. Regardless, chlorine bleach is designed for solid surfaces. You will need a special solution for any surfaces that are porous.

Basement Room Basement and Kitchen Blacklick 2-128-700-500-80Moisture is the most problematic thing in basements but lucky enough, there are various types of choices that can offer ultimate solutions to this problem. In any basement installation process, ensuring that the floor is kept dry is the key. Also, the installation surface needs to be flat. If you were wondering which type of flooring to choose for your basement, Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can help.

Laminate Flooring

Laminates often consist of a decorative look printed onto a fibrous material such as paper that is usually treated with resin and bonded to a rigid material like medium-density fiberboard. Laminate flooring can resist moisture and stains, and they can always be installed over a plywood subfloor or over concrete. In fact, with newer technology, the newly created laminates are more durable and feature great aesthetics.

Vinyl Flooring

Usually, vinyl floors are versatile and they can be used anywhere. They are characterized by a wide range of patterns, styles, and colors to suit any decorative style in your basement. The modern vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of aesthetics that will suit every kind of home. The modern vinyl flooring cleans up easily and wears well which makes it suitable for the mudroom areas. If you want to go for cheaper flooring options for your basement renovation, then this should be your choice.

Slate & Stone Tiles

In a modern home, slate tiles usually cover landings, stairs, and lower-level guest areas. On the other end, the stone tiles offer cool, natural ambiance and they are easy to clean but the underfoot is cool. Stone tiles are durable. Before laying the tiles down, consider installing an electric heat system over the concrete subfloor.

Engineered Wooden Flooring

You can install an engineered wooden floor in your basement to get a nature-like basement. This type of flooring is made up of two or even more layers of wood, which are laminated together like plywood. The lower layers consist of softwood while the top layer is hardwood veneer. It is normally used for below-grade installations because it expands and shrinks more than a solid wood floor.

DSCN2433-890-700-500-80A bathroom remodeling project can be quite complicated and time consuming when you don’t focus on the right aspects. It is important to consider the three most important elements of a bathroom remodeling project. Those elements are plumbing, electrical and framework. With a proper understanding of these concepts, you will be able to handle everything without any problems. Before we explain these aspects, here’s some good advice: In order to make sure the bathroom remodeling project goes smoothly, you should hire professionals for the job. These days, most professionals have their own websites where you can schedule an appointment or check prices. Try Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus. It’s important to check the company’s background and gather other information to make an informed choice.

Strip Down Everything

The first step to remodeling your bathroom is to strip everything down. The degree of your bathroom demolition will depend on the size of the project. Professionals can easily strip down an office sized room in about 3 days. When you hire professionals, it’s important to make sure you have other bathroom facilities available, as your existing bathroom will be disabled for a few days.

Install Electric and Plumbing

It’s important to understand that the walls will be open so the plumbing and electrical can go in first. You need to rough-in the plumbing for your shower, bathtub and toilet. You should always hire professionals for installing new wires and plumbing. You need to conduct two inspections. The first one will be conducted at the rough-in stage. The second inspection is conducted when the walls are back up.


Last but not least, you need to focus on framework. When electrical and plumbing have been installed, you need to hang cabinets, flooring, install towel bars and paint the walls. While installing the framework, you need to focus on every aspect of the bathroom.

1390-112013-120305 dollar 01Projecting the cost of your remodeling project depends on various factors including labor, fixtures, construction zone, tiles and contractors. Probably the fiercest enemy of any remodeling project is creating a budget that is realistic. Hence, in order to turn your dreams into reality and enhance the appeal of your home, it is imperative to know how to create a budget that works for your remodeling project.

The process for creating a budget has to start long before the materials are purchased and the contractor is chosen. You need to start with a clear set of priorities. You need to assess the situation and offer answers to these questions:

Why am I remodeling?

How much am I willing to pay?

Do I really need to remodel?

After you answer these questions, you can start looking for a professional remodeling company who can increase the value of your home without overcharging you. One of the best home remodeling companies in Ohio is Elite Home Remodeling.

Once you know why you are remodeling and you find a good contractor, it is time to figure out how much you are willing to spend and what you are ready to change. Visit multiple home improvement stores in order to get an idea of the latest appliances and materials available on the market. You can also ask your contractor for a sincere opinion. The experienced team from Elite Home Remodeling has been in business for more than 25 years, so they can help you choose the right materials and appliances for your home.

The budget should include the following categories:

Contractor fees


Tools & equipments



The Bottom Line

Even though you chose to hire a contractor, you can save a lot by purchasing your own materials and by using your tools. To save even more, keep those older items that are still in working condition. Create the right budget for your remodeling project, choose the right contractor and you will get the peace of mind that your project is on good hands.

4997-101413-gs4997Storage has always been a major issue when re-organizing a kitchen, especially when you have a small home and a tiny kitchen. For small-home owners and urban apartment dwellers, the heart of the home can easily inhibit your happy living when space is at a premium. The following are some creative ways to optimize every inch of precious space while keeping your kitchen necessities organized:

Tip #1: Utilize the Walls

What do you do when your cabinets get filled? You obviously can’t use your counter space because it is precious, but you can do something on your walls. Instead of storing items on the work area, you can use shelves and hooks to hang them. For instance, you can replace a knife block that consumes your space with a mounted knife rack, which keeps your tools within easy reach while remaining tucked out of your way.

Tip #2: Get a Rolling Cart

This is an invaluable piece of equipment in any small kitchen. When you need extra counter space, you simply roll it into position, and then slide it to the side when you are done.

Tip #3: Acquire a Pot Rack

Pot racks can be hung from the wall or ceiling, and used to store or display or manner of cookware, including pots, colanders, and spatulas.

Tip #4: Store Seating

If your kitchen has enough space for an island, then you should install one. Islands provide plenty of the much-needed workspace, and also function as a place to eat, when the need arises. Additionally, some models provide some room underneath for storage or stashing stools when they are not in use.

Tip #5: Optimize On Corners

The usable kitchen corner space usually goes to waste, but there are several ways to utilize that area. One way is to go with a lazy Susan, whereby opening the cabinet door extracts the shelves from the corner, pulling them to the side to place your items within reach. For upper corner cabinets that do not have enough depth for lazy Susans, you can fit them with hinged doors to utilize that space.

Besides these 5 tips, you can find more forgotten space in your kitchen and convert it into a useful area. If you prefer a kitchen makeover instead to maximize the space allotted, Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can install new cabinets, new counters, new floors, and more and arrange them to your liking and to provide maximum space.

00104-festival-offer-home-appliances-vectors-1013tm-setsv2-104Maintaining your home appliances may be the first hand solution before deciding to replace them with new ones. Maintenance serves as way of fostering the longevity of these items as well as eliminating the cash you’d have used in purchasing brand new ones. This process involves regular cleaning, checking the working condition of the motor among other forms of care that appliances require every day. When caring for your appliances, ensure that the methods you employ reduce their operational time for them to work seamlessly for significant amount of time. To get you started in this process, check out below on how you can maintain various home appliances on your own.


For those dishwashers, which obviously don’t come with garbage disposals that break down food particles;the food scraps need to be removed before loading. Do a thorough inspection of the door and remove any growing mold on the seal. Loose or broken seals must be replaced to make your dishwasher work optimally.


The coffee pot is known to have a shorter lifespan than other home appliances and worse off, its longevity can still be shortened by improper maintenance habits. The first line of defense against gunk in a coffee maker is regular cleaning, which involves using white vinegar and water, then clean water to rinse it out. Control the level of heat in your coffee maker by shutting it off early enough to prevent overheating. This can create deposits in the line that can clog the machine and can also reduce the life of the appliance.

Freezer and Fridge

Both of these appliances should be located in areas away from incoming heat sources. To maintain airflow and proper temperature; removing ice build-up in them as necessary.

There are other home appliances like the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner that need regular maintenance too. The basis of every maintenance process is to make the appliances work efficiently and hopefully for a longer time-span.

Even though your appliances may look great and function well, the overall kitchen look plays a huge role in appeal. If you suffer from old floors, broken cabinets, aged lighting, etc.; consider hiring a professional to renovate the room. If you need a kitchen remodel done, Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can help bring life back into the room.

2531-112013-dsc1181There are many ways to increase the storage space in your home without spending much money. Even if you are not doing very well financially, there are simple techniques that you can use to create more storage space. You should only spend money when you are sure that there is absolutely no space left in your house. Here are simple things that you should do to save on the cost of creating more storage space in your home.

1. Make Use of All Unused Spaces

Have you exhausted all the places that can be used for storage in your home? If not, there is still no need to spend money on making it until you fill the existing space. There are many places that have probably not been used much in your home. Are all your cabinets full? Have you utilized the space under your bed in all of your bedrooms? Have you used the space between the top of cabinets and the celling in your kitchen? If you have not utilized these spaces, then you have to make sure that they are used first before spending money to build more storage space.

2. Get Rid of All Things That You Don’t Need

Do you have things that you no longer need in your house that are taking up your storage space? You should get rid of these things to create room for useful things. You can sell or donate these items.

3. Organize Your Stuff

Your storage space could seem full when it is not just because it is disorganized. Organize all that stuff carefully to see how much storage space you really have. You may be surprised by the amount of room that you will get when you organize your stuff.

If you decide that you need more space, Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can provide room additions or renovations to give you that extra space.

dreamstimefree 10317055A kitchen is probably the most significant part of the house. Remodeling the kitchen and equipping it with the latest technologies can be the most exciting home improvement project you can do as a homeowner. It also helps to increase the resale value of your property. Regardless, a remodel needs the expertise and skills of a good and reliable contracting service.

There are many kitchen remodelers who offer the latest designs in kitchen renovations. However, a kitchen remodeling design must bear in mind your budget, your needs, and your lifestyle to give you the best kitchen solution. It is a large job and requires many aspects to be taken into consideration.

Finding a Reliable and Licensed Kitchen Remodeling Designer

It is always a good idea to check the credentials and the reliability of any kitchen remodeling expert prior to hiring them for a renovation.

A kitchen remodeling company who is certified will have the right qualifications needed to take on any project in the kitchen. Thiscan give the designer an edge over other contractors as they wil be aware of the latest trends, technologies, and newest accessories since they specialize in kitchen remodels. They should also be able to give you genuine references on projects that were completed. Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH is one contractor that can help build that wonderful kitchen and has over 2 decades of experience with the knowledge to get you what you need. You can browse the kitchen remodel images on the website for some of the work performed for several homeowners.

Remodeling Time Frames

Kitchen remodeling is a time consuming job and also requires a lot of effort. Before choosingyour kitchen remodeling designer, you should understand that time does not represent talent nor does it represent their capabilities. If a contractor says they can get it done in 2 days when everyone else says 2 weeks, you should be weary of that. Nevertheless, a longer completion period does not mean the contractor is not a good choice. In many cases, it means you have the right one that will ensure everything is installed the right way, with the right quality and dependability level.

Defining Your Personal Needs

As you are going to be using the kitchen in your home, it is important to decide on your requirements and thoughts and openly explain them to the kitchen remodeler. This can include needs and preferences like floor material, floor color, cabinet materials, cabinet style, lighting design, amenities, etc.

A good kitchen renovation company will keep your budget and requirements in mind when providing innovative ideas to make your kitchen stylish and convenient.

painter2In case you are feeling the desire to renovate your bathroom then it is very important to consider the color coordination in your design. If your wall colors, tile and features such as the sink, bathtub and shower are not coordinated well, your bathroom remodel can end up being a disaster! Below are some things to consider when designing your bathroom remodel: 

Choose the Color You Like

You should consider upgrading your walls with a vibrant but relaxing color, or a simple yet elegant wallpaper pattern that is not too distracting.  This will help to coordinate the rest of the bathroom.

Sink and Cabinet Options

The bathroom sinks and cabinets come in a variety of designs, styles and materials. You can choose something with a classic style, or go for more modern and other unique styles. The main thing to remember is that the color of the cabinets and sink should coordinate with your wall choice to tie the room together.

Tub and Shower Options

You should choose a tub or shower that will blend well with your other color choices within the room. There are also other important decisions such as whether to simply replace the existing tub/shower, create a new design by making them separate, or whatever you may have in mind.

And if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and are having trouble making these decisions on your own, Elite Home Remodeling can assist you in your bathroom remodeling design and installation.

pantrytrcapaperAs a stand-alone stage, the kitchen gives accommodation and productivity by making more workspace. At the point when the island is placed in the center of the kitchen, additional living space throughout is naturally built. Usually a kitchen island will be the perfect approach to partitioning the kitchen from the family room. Within the opportunity of having a kitchen island, applying a sink or removable compartment cooler can add additional convenience and easier communication to occupants in the family room if built in such a way.

Kitchen islands are a standout amongst the most famous kitchen characteristics amid today's potential buyers. Home buying prospects have shown a craving in regards to kitchen islands. Many consider finding a home with a kitchen island before even beginning to shop around.

Kitchen island design ideas include characteristics like the following:

  • Moving islands that can be moved to the location and direction of choice.
  • Stationary islands that need a predetermined placement strategy, whether near counters, appliances, dining tables, rooms, etc.

Kitchen Island Styles

Style can make or break a kitchen when it comes to islands. You will find many options in style that include:

  • Foundation and countertop colors in bright, vivid, dark, or lighter tones
  • Designs in various colors with interesting imagery or designs on the sides or on the counter
  • Foundation materials like oak, pine, fiberboard, stainless steel, etc.
  • Sink types like deep, short, single, or double if it has one
  • Upper structure options like utensil holders, lighting, etc.

Kitchen islands also come in many models with many personalities that can include modern designs, vintage designs, futuristic designs, and many other creative themes.

Convenient, Additional Features Available with Kitchen Islands

Electrical Features

Your new kitchen island can have outlet plugs for convenience, as well as custom appliances bolt within depending on the type of island. In addition, your new island can provide lighting to help see when using the counter space. The illumination option can serve one of two purposes: work lighting and decorative lighting. Portable islands may be limited on electrical options because of their unsettled placement, but have the possibility if designed in a certain way.

Appliance Features

Island present convenience options in the area of appliances. Most often, the stationary models have several appliance choices, but you can still have small appliances on portable islands, such as can openers, portable cooking ranges, microwaves, etc. If placed in a dedicated area, they can also enjoy toasters, mini ovens, heat pads, etc.

No matter what style or color you desire, there is a kitchen island with your name on it. You just need to create or discover it. For helpful ideas on island design, you can visit Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH and get started on your new kitchen addition.

4023-101413-gs4023The basement has different uses for different people. For some, it can be a cool place to hang out and have fun, while for others it is just a storage facility. Some homeowners may even decide to use the basement as a bedroom for their kids or visitors, and it can also be used as an office if you want to fully utilize it. If you are thinking about changing the function of your basement, it is important that you first consider the basement renovation options that are available so that you make the best and most informed decision.

Additions In The Basement

You have probably never thought of this, but your basement can be split into several rooms by using walls. When you build wall systems you are able to create more rooms in the basement, which can be put to different uses. Having more rooms in the basement is great because you can use the basement for different purposes and you will have greater freedom to choose what it is that you want to set up inside. The walls also create privacy, and different members of the same family can use the basement at the same time without interfering with the privacy of others.

The Floor of The Basement

The floor of the basement is usually plain and made of concrete. You can decide to paint the floors brightly to liven the room, or you may decide that you want tiles or carpet. Always ensure that the floor is coated to prevent water leakage and moisture.

The Walls Of The Basement

In most cases the walls of the basement are not finished. You should find a coat of paint that will help prevent water leakage and moisture. Painting the walls will give the room a livelier and better visual appeal.

To really turn your basement into something special, talk to a professional remodeling team, like Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio. A professional can help you consider all of the options and what can be done to give you the best possible result for your home.

iStock 000018042301Medium---CopyThe peculiarities of a room can have a huge effect on how an individual feels when they are in that room. Brighter shades will lift the disposition. Current kitchen cabinets can help bring some life to that kitchen.

There are numerous diverse shades that a kitchen can have. The appliances could have numerous diverse colors too. The cabinets are going to be a spot to store those little machines, dishes, and sustenance. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Everyone needs to have a place that they can go and feel extraordinary about being there. A cutting edge style of cabinet is going to help visitors feel good too. Cabinets in a more seasoned home can make momentum finishing patterns more troublesome.

Some individuals will decide to repaint or restore their cabinets. At the point when this isn't possible or they would prefer not to take the time to do this; they can request cabinets that are done with their choice of shade and outline. It is vital to stay inside a financial plan, as well as inside the assigned time span that a mortgage holder anticipates.

There are a ton of places that have cabinets for the kitchen available to be purchased, such as Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH. Any kitchen remodeling company may have numerous diverse styles, shades, and plans to browse through.

It is critical to have fundamental stockpiling in every kitchen. The racking ought to be robust and be dispersed appropriately. For a few cabinets, shoppers can conform to the stature of every one. A lot of them are settled to a certain spot however.

The kind of wood that is utilized within the cabinet ought to be considered too. In the event that there will be a huge amount of dampness, the wood should not twist easily or get harmed effortlessly. This can reduce the number of wood options available to fit your needs. By choosing the right wood for your kitchen cabinets, you will have long lasting, dependable storage areas that add amazing beauty to the kitchen and make it more comfortable for everyone to be in.

old-house-exterior-1113tm-pic-1266The exterior of your home is its first impression on visitors, neighbors, and others. Your home exterior also speaks a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. Therefore, the exterior of your home is important and you should not take it for granted. There are many ideas that you can explore to ensure that when people see the exterior of your home they are left impressed.

Add Some Life

First, an easy change is adding shrubs and trees to the landscape. This is an easy way to ease yourself into changes to your exterior. For the shrubs and trees to create the best visual appeal, you may need to employ the services of a professional landscaper. But if you feel you have an eye for this then you can do this project yourself.

Go Historical

When designing the exterior of the home you have to take into account the architectural designs of your home, and how much attention you want. If you do not want to get a lot of attention you may opt for the Victorian style, which is reserved and has a low cut lawn with flower beds that have been placed strategically. The flower beds are elegant yet understated.

Go All Out

For those who would like a flamboyant style, with large plants, elaborate walkways, and maybe even a nice fountain, then you should consider the Mediterranean style. This style is very impressive and outgoing. Larger plants make your home look livelier and inviting.

If you are looking to fully upgrade your exterior, with additions such as adding a sunroom, or other outdoor structure, and you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, Elite Home Remodeling, Inc. can assist you.

3460-101413-gs3460Whether you are living in the city or in the country, a leaky faucet can inconvenience you in various ways. Generally, the effect of a leaking faucet is increased costs. Water leaks not only result in a huge waste of water but also leads to significant increase in electricity bills if you are operating your own well. The negative impacts extend to the faucet handles, where rust caused by the leaking water may compromise the life span of the handles as they will wear out faster than expected. In every problem, there is always a solution, whether it’s fixing little issues or doing a full bathroom remodel.  Check out below on how you can actually fix a leaky faucet without having to struggle much.

Tighten Loose Nuts

The first thing to do when trying to fix your faucet is to remove the faucet handle. Unscrew the screw that attaches it after carefully prying off the cap that usually protects it. Try to tighten the packing nut using a wrench because sometimes faucet leaks are just caused by loose nuts.

Replacing The Washer

If you find that the loose nut isn’t the cause of the problem, you might opt to replace the washer. You must locate the shut-off valve so that you can turn off the water before starting the repair process. Then, ensure that all the water that remained in pipe is drained away by twisting the top of the stem. Remove the entire stem assembly by unscrewing the packing nut. You can now replace your old washer with the new one.

What If Your Faucet Doesn’t Have A Washer?

For faucets that don’t have washers, they can be repaired by wrapping the packing nut with wicking or string. You can also put plumber’s putty around the threads below the stem assembly.

Reassemble Everything Into Place

Reassemble the stem assembly and then finish it by tightening the packing nut. Now, you can turn on water because your faucet is in good condition.

There are a lot of problems caused by leaking water faucets. That is why it is necessary to fix it in time to prevent incurring huge additional costs. The leaking water can also weaken the drywall and cause mold in addition to increasing the monthly bills, so it’s important to get it fixed. If you need to remodel your bathroom sink area altogether, check with a professional like Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio.

img 0007 3-1113vv-nvOne of the things you probably hate doing is cleaning the toilet. It’s something that you use daily, and it is one of the items in your home that is subjected to continuous dirt. Sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub, the toilet still looks dirty. When cleaning is no longer enough, have you considered replacing it? It may be something that you aren’t sure about, but wouldn't it be better to have a new toilet instead of trying to add some shine to the old one? Because of the time you spend there, bathroom remodeling is a great choice when you want to update your home.

If you want to switch out your toilet, here are some tips that will help you go about installing a brand new toilet.

1. Shut off the water supply. There is a shut off valve usually found under the back of the toilet. Flush the toilet to drain it and shut off this valve.

2. Remove the supply line that is going into the toilet. Keep a bucket handy to avoid having any residual water pooling out on the floor.

3. Remove the tank from the toilet. All you need to do is unfasten a couple of bolts that are generally under the tank.

4. Detach the toilet from the floor. If there are toilet caps, start by removing them, then loosen the bolts and remove them too. At this point you should be able to detach the toilet from the floor.

5. Cleaning up. Once the toilet has been removed you need to clean up a bit. There will be wax or sealer residue to remove, as well as other dirt. Put on gloves and scrub the area as best as you can. Degreaser may come in very handy.

6. Check the sewer drain. Before installing the new toilet make sure there is no damage in the sewer drain.

7. Installing the new toilet. Once you have cleaned up the area well and allowed it to dry up a bit, you can install the new toilet. The toilet opening needs to be fastened to the sewer drain and sealed properly. Use a wax ring that is thick enough. In some cases wax extender rings may be required. Pour a bucket of water to see that you have sealed it well enough before placing the new toilet on the opening.

8. Install the tank on the toilet.

9. Reconnect the water supply. Attach the line and the shut off valve, then turn the water back on and check for any leaks.

If installing a new toilet is daunting, consider checking with a professional. Looking for not only a new toilet but a true remodel? Get in touch with Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio.

1786467-metallic-door-handle-with-key-040214-639Whether you enjoy contemporary, modern, or provincial styles, you have plenty of choices when it comes to cabinet handles. You can easily provide a beautiful finishing touch to your furniture, kitchen, or bathroom. Cabinet handles comes in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and materials. Almost all materials age over time and a cabinet handle is not an exception. Aging can be in the form of fading, cracking, loosening, stripping, bending, rusting, or even tarnishing. Therefore, it is important to consider some factors when looking to purchase new cabinet handles.

Understanding Materials

Cabinet handles are made of three types of materials, namely;

Metals such as brass, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, standard bronze, aluminum, satin nickel etc.

Plastics such as vinyl, fiberglass, etc.

Wood such as pine, oak, cedar, red oak, poplar etc.

With a general understanding of your material options for handles, you can decide on the best option, whether you want plastic handles with a nice touch, elegant and stylish metal handles, or even just easy to paint wooden handles.

Understanding Types

There are basically two major types of cabinet handles; the round design which uses one screw and the wide design which mounts with two screws.

Determining Spacing

If you want to use the existing holes when replacing wide cabinet handles, then you need to ensure the new handle perfectly aligns with the holes. If you find a good handle in which the width does not match the existing holes, don’t worry about it because it can still be used by adding back plates to conceal the old holes. The back plates are designed to mount first.

Determine Quantity

It is important to know the number of handles that you need. Sometimes, you may want to buy a new handle for every cabinet or drawer in the room so that they match well. However, this can be a little tricky if the cabinets or drawers are made of different materials or colors. If you need help finding the right ones for your needs or actually desire a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, OH can help.

Your basement can either be a storage facility or a beautiful place to hang out. Many homeowners use this space for storage, entertainment rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. The possibilities are endless with what you can do. Conducting a basement renovation is a good decision because it can add more useful areas to the home and increase the value of it too!

Basement Walls

The wall in your basement may or may not be finished. Originally, they are brick from the foundation blocks used during construction. You can paint and waterproof them with products like Drylok® to add color and prevent water leakage. Aside from that, you can purchase lumber and build walls, followed by drywall surfaces. In addition, you can choose to install wall panels, which can carry the appearance of real wood, brick, or stucco for example. Panels are best installed onto studded walls, but you can install them directly on the block wall. Just be careful with condensation and water leakage if you go that route.

Basement Flooring

The basement floor is originally made of concrete when built, but you can add some life to that in many ways. You can paint the floor to brighten the room with some floor paint or special coating paints like the ones used in garages. In addition, you can lay down carpet, but be careful with water leakage and moisture. Subfloor tiles like DRIcore® can be installed to keep the water underneath and off of the carpet. Aside from those options, you can elect to place a throw rug down or maybe install laminate flooring or thin carpet tiles.

Basement Additions

Your basement can be split into several areas by way of walls. You can build stud wall systems and place drywall on them to create a new room. Most basements have two sides and usually don’t have very many walls, if any. This is your chance to make good use of the area, whether you want to separate storage from entertainment areas or simply want to add a privacy room. In any case, a wall addition is a great idea to organizing that basement of yours.

Many home owners tend to misunderstand home or residential interior design, and this need not be complicated. Apparently, residential interior design is rather complex and a professional will not simply pick up the latest and trendy color, or any artistic theme. Instead, they will critically think about the home, as well as the residential purposes, which they must accomplish at the end of the project.

Before you embark on a home remodeling project, it is imperative that you consider your lifestyle carefully, which will dictate the room dimensions and overall home plan. Today you can do this very easily by using 3D computer design software that show you the product possibilities, and how the home will eventually look like, before you even begin the project. Hence, you will begin the project with the end in mind.

Solving the problems on the existing structure

A professional interior designer can also offer credible advice on how a home owner can get the most out of the home that they currently have. Whether you are redecorating, remodeling, or buying a new home, they can come in and help with the work, and give the living space a better atmosphere. Sometimes it also happens that a potential home owner only finds single perfect room from a relatively good home, say for instance, the master bathroom may be smaller than expected, or the kitchen may not have as much space as one would want, on the other hand, the living room may come in an awkward outline.

Having a number of odd rooms, or simply not up to what one would want in a home can be sometimes frustrating, however this is where a residential interior designer becomes very helpful. They will help you incorporate this awkward design into your lifestyle and even make the smaller rooms look larger, by professional décor, or creatively adding space.

Design ideas

Contemporary living adds subtle value to a home’s décor, and what the designer will do is combine colors along with great lighting to increase versatility, which ideally is the hallmark of contemporary living spaces.

When looking at your kitchen, do you think that it needs some kitchen remodeling to look better? One of the easiest changes you can make is swapping out your countertop material, as this can improve the overall look of your entire kitchen. In fact, this one change can make your kitchen look like new, and there are a lot of different materials you can choose from to fit your style and budget. Which material is right for you? Take a look at these options and you'll know the benefits, drawbacks, and other important information to help you choose!

1. Laminate

Laminate is great if you're on a tight budget but still want an expensive look. It comes in a ton of styles (including those that look like wood and expensive materials) and is easy to take care of.

2. Granite

The majority of homeowners choose this for their homes because it looks absolutely beautiful and is relatively easy to take care of. Keep in mind that you will have to seal this on a yearly basis, so it does require a bit more maintenance than other materials.

3. Quartz

If you don't like the maintenance aspect of certain countertop materials, then consider quartz. You don't have to put much maintenance into this, and it's stain-free as well as scratch-free. As if that wasn't enough, it can handle heat and being roughly handled, so it's perfect for someone who loves to cook. It also comes in tons of different patterns, colors and styles, so you can express your personality with it!

4. Wood

Want a counter that looks warm and unique, but that is affordable? Wood is a great choice, but make sure it's properly sealed so it doesn't absorb bacteria from food and everyday use.

5. Marble

Although this is a more expensive material, it's worth the cost. It resists stains and brings an elegant look to any kitchen. Keep in mind you will need to have this regularly sealed to prevent scratches and stains.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what countertop material will work best in your home, it’s a great idea to consult a professional, like the remodeling team at Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio.

Whether you're completely remodeling your kitchen or just want to make a quick, easy and inexpensive change, choosing the right paint is essential. Many people just walk in and choose a swatch that they like, but this can cause you to end up with a paint that you won't be happy with in the long term. Keeping these five tips in mind, however, will help you give your kitchen the look that you want while keeping things practical as well.

1. Keep Clean-Up in Mind

Although you might prefer flat paint elsewhere in your home, it isn't the easiest thing to clean. The kitchen is prone to a host of different messes, so consider an eggshell finish or other type of paint that can be easily cleaned.

2. Look at Your Existing Décor and Appliances

Unless you're planning on buying all new appliances and stripping out your flooring, cabinets and countertops, you should choose a paint color that will look nice alongside what you already have.

3. Think Twice Before Choosing White

White walls can look striking in some kitchens, but you should think twice before applying white paint to your walls. Unless they're easy to clean, they could stain. Plus, white can look boring unless you have other pops of color in the kitchen to add a bit more jazz.

4. Think Outside the Box

Your kitchen should be an exciting, friendly and welcoming home for friends, family and guests. Think outside of the box, and look at colors that will be warm, inviting and attractive, and consider skipping the basics for something a bit more exciting, like deep reds or purples.

5. Don't Forget Your Trim

You might want to paint your trim as well so that it will be bright and shiny along with the other paint in your kitchen. For best results, choose colors that look nice together and that will really stand out.

In the dead heat of summer, getting outside the house could prove dreadful. On one of these hot summer days, you might get sick of staying indoors, so you want to spend your day outside. One of the best options you have is a professionally-installed screen room from Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio.

A screen room is a screen-covered room which is either attached to your house or placed in your backyard. While it may have glass, a screen room is covered in protection screens that bring in fresh air and keep bugs out. A screen room is probably the best place to enjoy the outdoors while staying safe from the melting sunlight or from severe rain storms.

Screen rooms come with a number of unique benefits that make them really amazing additions to your house. Some of their advantages are:

- Enjoy nature: being closer to nature is the dream of many people nowadays. With a screen room, you can taste what the nature has to offer without worrying of bugs, sunlight or storms.

- Bug-free environment: another huge benefit of screen rooms is a bug-free environment. Mosquitoes, flies or wasps could be quite annoying, especially if you have a gathering with your extended family and you have some serious matters to discuss. Moreover, you don’t have to spend money on repellant candles or spray repellant.

- Add more value to your property: whether you are just installing a standalone screen room, a room attached to your house or you choose to leverage the benefits of a screen door, your home’s value is going up. Every single homeowner is trying to find new methods to increase the value of their properties. A screen room, window or door is a very cost-effective and modern way to increase the value of your property.

Screen rooms are definitely amazing additions at any home, regardless of size or location. If you are environmentally-minded, you want to enjoy the environment without being affected by heat or storms and you want to increase the value of your property, screen rooms are definitely the right choice for you.

If you are planning to do a kitchen remodel, or even if you just want to spruce up the fixtures you already have, consider a change of cabinet handles before anything else. They are far cheaper to replace than whole cabinets. Think about the handles in your kitchen or bathroom; they are probably worn down, smudged, or possibly even broken entirely. Fixing those can give your home a much needed look rejuvenation.

Cabinet handles are not only functional pieces on vanities, kitchen drawers, and other household areas, they can also be quite beautiful and decorative. The colors and designs can really tie a room together and help to make a room feel newer and better cared for. Consider the variety of styles and materials that cabinet handles can come in:

  • Wood: Wood is a truly classic material and is lovely for use in any country themed home or cabin.
  • Plastics: Vinyl and fiberglass along with standard plastic are all great for adding color to children’s rooms or other high traffic areas where an inexpensive but easy-to-clean handle is necessary.
  • Metals: Chrome and stainless steel complement a modern decor while brass lends itself well to a vintage or European look. They are especially easy to clean and with the proper materials and care can be kept for a very long time.

Know Your Handles

While there are tons of styles and varieties to choose from, you can make your life a lot easier by knowing what kind of handles are already in place on your cabinets. There are two varieties: wide and round.

Wide vs. Round handles

Round handles use one screw while wide handles use two. If you don’t want to have to drill new holes, it is best to stick with the same type of handle when looking for a replacement. Additionally, it’s important to note the space between two holes on wide style handles. These holes can be covered with a back plate which is mounted to the surface of the cabinet, but it is an extra step and an extra expense.

Looking for a more complete update in your house? Consult with a professional remodeler, like Elite Home Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio, to find out what you can do in your house for your budget.

A quality four seasons room can be an ideal space to add to your home. This type of room is also known as a sunroom. That is, it is a place that is mostly covered with glass and has a series of open spaces that let in plenty of light all around the room. It will extend outward from the rest of the home and will create an room that is practically like an indoor patio. It will move into the yard and make for a nice place to relax in at any time of the year regardless of what the weather may be like on the outside.

This type of room is designed with an insulated body. It will feature a series of vinyl construction materials that are added on all parts of the property and will include many supports to help keep a series of thick and fully-insulated windows upright. Some models may even include double-glazed windows to keep air from moving into the home.

One way to increase the energy efficiency of your four seasons room is to consult with experienced professionals. Elite Remodeling in Columbus, Ohio, for instance, knows how to make the most reliable and energy efficient sunroom.

Sliding doors may also be added alongside hard screens on the windows. These have to be reinforced properly to protect your room from all the pressure that comes from the weather, the sun, and from people moving in and out of that room.

This can also come with a sloped roof. It will be designed to match up with the overall pattern and theme of your roof as a whole. It will do this in order to create the most consistent look that your home could potentially have.

A four season room addition can really make a difference in your home. If you are looking to have such an addition to work in your home then you should certainly see just how it can add that beautiful and wide open look that you have always been trying to get in any part of the home.

We have heard a lot of horror stories about home remodeling that went wrong, such as: the contractor left with the down payment, need to wait for a month or more for the completion of the kitchen renovation or the materials were not delivered. It does not have to happen this way. Actually, there are still more hardworking and reputable contractors out there who are honest on what they offer to do to make your home look spectacular at a reasonable price. You just have to be extra careful. 

So, what are the mistakes you have to avoid in these circumstances? Here are 5 Things NOT to do when remodeling your kitchen. 

Do not opt for a much cheaper and quicker home remodeling project. 

Avoid risking your safety by getting a home remodeling project done in few days or at a low price. According to medical reports, among the frequent patients who are brought to hospital emergency rooms are victims injured in home improvement accidents. So, make sure you are familiar in working around with electricity or high power tools, if not, better hire a professional.  

Do not anticipate the remodeling project will run perfectly. 

Most likely, problems will arise once in a while. A few days slippage should not drive you insane, the important thing is that the project contractor is doing his best to handle the problems which may arise along the way and offer some solutions to help you keep everything manageable. You just need to be prepared in case some tweaking is necessary.

Do not start the project, unless all of the components are available and delivered.

Before stating your kitchen renovation, see to it you have all the materials, appliances and other items delivered. Oftentimes, if delivery dates are not checked, the kitchen could be inoperable for a couple of days because you have to wait for undelivered fixtures. Therefore, don’t get anxious to get started unless you have all the renovating materials on your possession. 

Do not expect a functional kitchen if the project is not yet done.

Unless there is an agreement on the contrary, do not anticipate getting a working kitchen if the project is yet to be completed. Running water may be out for a day or two, cabinet re-facing may shut down your kitchen, so probably you have to wait for 2-4 weeks before you can have a kitchen fully functional again.  

Do not pay the contractor for the entire project unless it is all completed. 

It is normal to pay a down payment since contractors have to place orders for materials needed for the renovation. Moreover, it would be wise to keep a portion outstanding until the project is completed so that, in case you decide to stop the project or find your contractor untrustworthy, it won’t be taxing to withdraw or find a new one.  

Renovating your home and out may be quite a challenging and expensive endeavor. A comprehensive home remodeling requires careful research and planning. There are many intentions of remodeling your home including accommodating your rising family or increasing its value or simply to modify the aesthetic. Before you initiate the project organize your goals and objectives and then get prepared to give them to the experts. Unless you have home-building skill you should amass a reliable team to do the home renovation. You might consider this when planning your home renovation.

1. Assess your family's needs.

If your home is too small you might consider adding on extra space to put up a laundry room or bathroom, or a new bedroom, for instance. You may find that it is possible to achieve your family's requirements by basically reorganizing the home layout within the home's present blueprint. Doing away with interior walls will open up a divided floor plan. Create a list of the key goals and objectives you want to achieve by doing your home renovations .

2. Create a budget. 

Decide on the money you want to devote on renovations of your home. Obtaining a loan dipping into savings are both of the options but ensure you do not overspend. Setting a fixed budget from the beginning will help the course of the renovations.

3. Hire specialists.

Contemplate hiring an interior designer or an architect to direct you in designing your comprehensive home renovation. Select a design expert based on the yields of prior projects. Program a meeting to set your goals for your home renovation and the designer or architect will then provide you with the several ideas including material options and space layouts within your planned budget.

4. Attain building permits.

No major remodeling course can legally continue without first gaining permission from your resident building department. If you’re working with a contractor or remodeling he can do the filings.

5. Design the look for the exterior and interior of your home.

Choose whether your home renovation should appear more traditional or modern.

Home remodeling has become a popular process for most homeowners in the modern days. This is done to make the home look more elegant or add its value in case the homeowner wants to resell it in the future. If you are considering remodeling your home, you need to understand that it is a process that will cost you some money for it to be perfect. Before remodeling your home, consider the following factors.

Your financial status 

It may sound simple, but it is important to consider your bank account before you start the project. You need to have a well-planned budget in order to understand the amount of money that the entire project will require to be completed. It is good to note that your budget will determine the kind of remodeling you will carry out. If you are operating on a budget you can look for cheap remodeling experts who will provide quality work.

Consider your priorities 

Carrying out home remodeling also involves being honest with yourself and consider the necessity of the project. Consider whether the process is worth the amount of money you will spend or whether there are other needs in the home that you should give more priority. This will help you avoid spending a lot of money and then you realize there were other issues that required more attention at home.

Overrun costs

You need to put into considerations that the entire project will cost exactly what you have budgeted. In most cases, the project will consume more that you may expect. Therefore, you have to allocate extra money because of the overrun costs. This will minimize stress and frustrations that may be involved in the project. 

By considering the above factors you will carry out home remodeling project that will make your home a better place for your family and visitors. The process will also move smoothly and be complete according to the deadline set. 

There are a number of things you need to consider before you choose a professional home remodeling service. These include:

a) Licensing

 Most of the best professional remodeling companies are fully licensed and insured. When you choose such a company, you can be assured that they will abide by set rules and regulations while remodeling your home. They are also more likely to provide the service within the time frame you specify so that your guests will not find your place looking messy.

b) Location

 It also helps to work with a local company. Local home remodeling companies are likely to know the most affordable methods to use in remodeling your home, making the process easier and quicker.

c) Customer Recommendations

 If possible, review the online presence of the fast home remodeling company you wish to contract. Check that they have positive reviews from customers- including speedy delivery of service, great results and affordable prices. This way, you are more likely to be satisfied with the service.

d) Diversity

 The remodeling company you choose should also be able to perform a variety of services. They should confirm that no job is too small or too big for them. This means that they should give you proof that they can complete your project, whether you need full house remodels or remodeling a single room, within the stipulated time frame.

e) Cost

 Although fast home remodeling tends to cost more than regular speed remodeling, you do not have to go overboard on your budget to contract a good company. Ask for price quotations and choose the company that can complete the job quickly and at an affordable price.

Overall, when you have an important guest coming over, you should consider the above features before you contract any given fast home remodeling company. Finally, ensure that the company can guarantee that they will quickly remodel your home and leave it looking fresh and ready for the entertainment plans you have in mind. 

Every husband's dream - The Man Cave. But how do you go about creating that man cave that perfectly represents you, allows you to do the things you love, and gets you away from the people you love? There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to create a little paradise of your own.

1. Find the right space.

Finding the right space is your first challenge. For the most part, your Man Cave must be set apart from the more lived in areas in your house. Any place that your wife will let you have may be right for you. Basements, garages, spare bedrooms, house extensions off of the main areas, these are all suitable spots.

2. Choosing your "theme"

Once you've acquired a spot to claim as your own, it's time to decorate. You'll need to decide the basics: what kind of walls do you want? Wood paneling looks nice in a lot of places. Maybe you want black wall paper or zebra-stripes all down the wall. Whatever you like. Flooring is important too. Do you want wood to match your wall, or a rug for comfort? For a lot of guys, the theme isn't as important as the toys that are inside (we'll get to those next), maybe this is a good chance to get your wife's buy-in by asking which floor or wall combo looks nice for her.

3. Stock your Cave with the right toys.

Finding a quiet place to play with your toys is probably the reason that you wanted to build a Man Cave in the first place. If you want this to be a social Man Cave, then you'll probably need a circular table for playing poker and eating potato chips. Or you'll need a wide-screen TV and a large comfy sofa, and a comfortable arm chair so you can eat potato chips while watching the game with your friends. If you have space for a pool table or a dart board that would be another plus. If you're in for the solo-man cave, you'll need whatever makes you happy. I'm a big fan of getting a home brewing setup and a mini liquor cabinet. And I need a great TV and gaming system to keep myself happy. Surround sound speakers will round out any kind of room though, so you'll need to consider your sound system.

So no matter what, you'll need some space (with spouse's permission), you'll need to design it fairly well (wife can actually help), and you'll need to fill it up with your favorite things to keep you and your friends busy. Just remember to keep your Man Cave clean and bad-smell free.

A calm and quiet place enclosed within the four walls of love, care and happiness is "home". It is a place that invites us to indulge in its serenity and provides absolute relaxation from the ruckus of the outside world. This place has to be such that makes you free from the stress and fatigue of the day to day errands of life and enable you to spend quality time with your loved ones, pets, plants etc.

Home has to be a place that you can't wait to get in. Creating a relaxing and zealous environment at home does not only require loving and caring family members but also an ambiance that has positive vibes. Here are some measures that can be taken to remodel your home to create a fresh and serene environment within its interiors.

Changing the color of walls in regular courses fills the home with fresh energy. It is important that the colors used in the walls are vibrant but also soothing. Curtains should have calm and soothing shades. Extremely bright and dazzling shades should be avoided. The interiors of the house require to go for modifications and variations from time to time to create spanking new ambiance. Furniture has to be in agreement with the room sizes. A big sofa in a small room would present a devastating effect. Interesting textural effects and decorative fabrics infused with the color scheme makes it more inviting.

Beautiful scented candles and lampshades add to the beauty of the interiors of the house. Use of paintings, handcrafted items, beautiful show pieces and wall hangings should be carefully done in view of the interests and tastes of the people living in the house

Having a beautiful garden within the premises of your house always invites you to spend some time away from the densely polluted atmosphere, busy roads and traffic jams. Having a small garden in your yard, provides a real soothing effect. Garden fountains also have their unique place in the yard.

Use of appropriate furniture and decorative art pieces for the exterior may add a sparkle to the house and make it a comfortable pleasing and desirable place.

Home is a refuge for everyone, whether a business tycoon or a mason providing them safety, tranquility, and peace of mind. After spending several hours in the stressful environment of workplace, everyone wants to reach home to take a break and relax. So, make your home a place that you cannot wait to get in.

If you want to avoid costly remodeling disasters, take some steps to communicate with your contractors. Before you hire them, make sure you and your contractor understand one another. It can save you time and reduce your stress. 

Common Contractor Problems

Some of them lie about how long it will take to finish the work. For instance, one mom thought the team working on their home would complete the project before the end of the summer. However, it instead took until Thanksgiving. 

Furthermore, sometimes contractors who have too heavy of a work load do not take as much time as they should on individual jobs. Then, when the homeowner needs help, the person responsible for the job will not return phone calls. Some of them provide mediocre work at best, and the results of their effort are evident by ceiling cracks, pain chips and pipe bursts later. 

Worse yet, some of them have no liability insurance. Therefore, you might have to take them to court if they damage property in the process. In some cases, a remodeling company might even collect a down payment from a client and then disappear. 

Questions to ask the Contractor

If you want to avoid problems, you should ask the contractor some questions before you hire the company. It will give you an idea of who you have working for you. 

  1. Can you provide me some references? Ask the contracting company for three or four of them if you want. This will give you an idea of what kind of experience they have.
  2. How many projects do you have now? It will give you a clue as to how much in demand they are. It also will gauge their level of availability during the project. 
  3. What work is included in that price? Ask this before signing any contract, and have that contract filled out in detail before work starts. 
  4. Can we set up a payment schedule? Make sure you feel comfortable with when the remodeling company expects payment. Usually, they might just need funds for supplies in advance, but not more than a quarter of the price they bid. 

Remember, you are putting your money and your trust on the line. You have the right to ask as many questions as necessary to avoid remodeling disasters.

There are a number of design possibilities to choose from when you're getting ready to remodel your child's room. Whether you decide to make the room soft and subdued, promoting a sense of calmness and peace, or simply make it a place where your child can unleash its wild imagination by implementing loud and bold patterns and colors into the space, it all comes down to choosing your and your child's best preference.

You can decide to add a sense of flair and style into the room by incorporating a certain theme. By doing this, your child's room can easily become a whimsical and magical wonderland, making their room a perfect place to play, study, relax or simply spend some time alone. The great thing about remodeling your child's room is the fact that you don't have to think about it complementing and matching with the rest of the design choices inside your home, so let your and your child's imagination run wild!

When dealing with accessories and color, it is very important to keep proportion in mind, which means that you should always consider the layout and the size of the room before bringing a final decision. Also, flooding the room with enormous pieces of accessories is a thing to avoid while remodeling your child's room, as they can make the room feel and look smaller and jammed with furniture.

One of the more popular remodeling trends these day is to put two beds into the child's room, if the size of the room allows that, of course. Having a matching bed sets is a great way to add more contrast and color into a room, but it also has an additional benefit of easily accommodating a sleepover of a best friend!

When remodeling your child's room, you want to have pieces that are functional in order to tie the overall look of the room together. There are various remodeling design options that are very practical in completing the look of your child's room. In the end, your child needs a room that will say something about what they like and who they are, while being versatile overall, so make sure you give your child the best possible private space they could have by remodeling the room and accommodating it to their needs.

If you are looking to update your flooring along with your room remodel, it is important to first have an idea of what type of flooring replacements would be suitable for your home and where you intend to put them. Not all types of flooring are suitable for every room in your hoame or for every home for that matter. It can depend upon usage and climate factors. Therefore, before getting your heart set on a particular type of flooring, you should understand what types of flooring would be best for your home.

Many people love the idea of upgrading their floors to hardwood flooring and it is an excellent investment in the home because of its great looks and durability. The trade-off between the expense of hardwood and other types of flooring is that this type of flooring can be refinished repeatedly and if cared for properly, could last up to 100 years. Other types, such as laminate or linoleum may only have a lifespan between 10 to 20 years, and if damaged, they will need to be replaced because they cannot be refinished.

The biggest enemy to hardwood flooring is humidity/moisture and for this reason, it is not recommended for rooms where exposure to moisture is a given or even recommended for basements. Moisture can cause warping and swelling of the floorboards, which in some cases cannot be repaired. For these areas, laminate, linoleum or tile flooring replacements are usually more suitable because they stand up to moisture better than hardwood. Today's laminate floors offer a variety of looks, with many mimicking the look of hardwood. This is without the worry that hardwood floors may bring because of its construction. It helps resist moisture and responds more favorably to changes in humidity within your home.

So, before you begin your search for flooring replacements with your room remodel professional, take the time to discover what types are suitable for you. This will help save time, money and disappointment and ensure satisfaction with your new flooring.

If you're thinking about remodeling your home, but you're a little short on the funds; consider this. You spend the majority of your time in the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. If you were to remodel just these 3 rooms, the house would begin to feel like a new home. 

Bedroom Remodel

When remodeling a bedroom, there are not as many options to choose from. You will of course change the furniture, and possibly add a ceiling fan or a chandelier light. You should also add a few features such as a gaming system or stereo speakers to your entertainment system. This will make it feel like new for far less than a brand new system. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

You'll want to reserve the majority of your funds to upgrade the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have a good budget, you should do a complete overhaul. Create a theme in your kitchen, such as black with gold trim and be sure to stay consistent. The refrigerator and the oven should always match and choosing black over white breaks the redundant look that most kitchens have. Tile floors are a nice touch, but hard wood floors are more practical and they fit into any budget. You should also consider a bathroom remodel. A brand new counter, sink, bathtub, and even a toilet should be considered. You may want to go with one color scheme for the bathroom or have a graduating color theme, such as white, pink and red. 

Dining Room and Living Room Upgrades

For the dining room and the living room, a fresh coat of paint and some new decorations can complete the effect. If you can't afford new carpet; get an area rug. If you have a painting that's been hanging for a while, take it down and replace it with a decorative clock. Just be creative and your partial home renovation will feel like new.  

No matter what room you are looking to update by way of new flooring, there are so many different options that you can choose from these days. Years ago, you really only had the choice between linoleum for your kitchen and bathroom and then carpeting for your living room and bedrooms. In addition, there really weren’t many colors to choose from. These days, home remodel companies carry endless options and offer other renovations as well. These home renovation specialists can give you amazing choices that range from all types of carpeting, hardwood flooring, linoleum, ceramic tile and much more.


While it might not be appropriate for bathrooms or high moisture areas, hardwood flooring is a gorgeous investment for any home. When it comes to remodeling, you can coordinate your floor to the fixtures. This gives a very warm and welcoming look to any living space and it’s very easy to maintain. Most remodelers will tell you that while the initial upfront cost of hardwood flooring can be a bit high, it will last you longer than any other flooring type. This is because even if many years go by and some wear takes place; you can have hardwood flooring refinished.


Definitely not what it used to be, linoleum now comes in a ton of different choices. You can choose linoleum patterns that actually look like ceramic tile from far and even some that have hardwood-type grain in them. A lot of your decision will be based on the fixtures. Overall, these floors are much thicker and more durable than they were in years past. The pricing that home remodelers will give you on linoleum is hard to beat with any other product and it’s definitely worth considering as an option.

No matter what flooring type you want to consider for your remodeling project, it’s important to sit down with your home renovation expert and discuss options, pricing and installation. If you leave it up to the pros, you will have a new floor installed and maybe even a new room in no time! This saves you a great deal of your time and effort and you’ll be enjoying your updated home that much faster!

There are few home improvements that can make the exterior of a home look better than having the facade upgraded with brick or stone. If you've recently remodeled the exterior of your home then you'll want to preserve the beauty. There are a few steps to follow after an exterior remodeling job that will help to keep the outside looking good for years to come. 

Upkeep the Upgrade

First off, any type of masonry should be pressure washed at least once every three years. This is especially true for the front of the house. A lot of dirt can accumulate in three years and you'll be surprised how good the house looks afterwards.

Maintaining the Perfect Lawn

Since the lawn is such a conspicuous part of the home; you need to maintain it properly after remaking the outside. This includes more than just keeping it manicured by a lawn service. There are other threats and pests that can kill grass and destroy a beautiful lawn. At least once a week; you should check the lawn for any signs of ant mounds and weeds. If you see even as little as one, you should purchase an organic pesticide to get rid of it. 

New Curtains for Flare

You may not consider new curtains to be part of an exterior makeover. However, the curtains can be seen from the outside of the home. The right color can accent the tone of your home beautifully. The wrong color of curtains can clash with your home's beauty and take away from its appearance. 

Driveway Refinishing: The Final touch

After your entire outside has been upgraded, you may notice the driveway stands out like a sore thumb. Oil stains and tire treads aren't the only culprits contributing to an unsightly driveway. Sneaker scuffs from basketball goals and some cracks from aging can make a driveway look unpleasant. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with a simple driveway resurfacing.

You’ve been eyeing that empty, unfinished space downstairs for months. Maybe you just had a baby, and you need the extra room. Perhaps your teenage boys need a man cave. Or maybe you just want a comfortable, quiet place to escape from the hubbub of the rest of your house. No matter the reason is; basement finishing is a great way to expand your space without breaking the bank.

Before you begin, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Check building codes – There are certain standards required for living spaces in your home, and it’s important to meet them, both for your safety and for any possible future sale of your home. Does the use you have in mind require an outside window? Do you need to install a sump pump for a basement bathroom? Be sure to check your local codes so you don’t run into troubles down the line.

  • Use your imagination – Take time to dream a little. Draw up some plans. Chat with your family. Make sure you have a good idea of what you want from your finished space so it will be an inviting and useful addition to your home.

  • Use the space wisely – If your basement is small with a lot of supporting beams, installing a ballroom is probably not in the cards. Begin with a solid idea of what the purpose for the space will be; then get creative on how to adapt the space you have to make those dreams a reality.

  • Be realistic – Once the dreaming is done, understand that a basement finishing project will take some time to complete. Plan a budget for completing the project. Do your research to understand what will be required and how long it will take. This will help your family stay patient and excited as the inevitable noise and mess of a home improvement project goes on.

Whatever your needs, and however you end up using that wonderful basement space; enjoy the outcome of your next big step in home renovation through basement refinishing.

Drywall damage is very common due to the fact that drywall itself is quite brittle. Some of the most common drywall problems, and how they can be fixed, include:


It doesn’t matter whether the holes occur from picture frame hooks, bumping into the wall, or even a random teenager tantrum; holes are probably one of the most common drywall problems. Luckily, they are pretty easy to fix and require you to sand the area, fill with spackle or joint compound, and then let dry. A few hours later, you can come along and lightly sand the area and paint over it. If you are dealing with a little bit bigger of a hole; there are drywall repair kits that come with everything you need to patch up a larger, more gaping hole.

Nail Pops

Nail pops are more common in newer builds and require a bit more repair. You simply chip away the drywall mud that is around the pop and see if you can remove the nail. Hammer in two new nails above and below where the original one was and mud over the new nails and the old hole. You can sand and paint just like you would any other hole.

Water Damage

If you had a leak that caused water damage to your wall, the first step is the let the area dry completely after the incident occurs. After that, you can apply a special product that will seal in the area to prevent any mold growth. Once the area has dried you can paint over it.

Most common drywall problems can be fixed with some easy drywall repair. Very rarely does drywall need to be completely removed and replaced, but it does occur when mold or moisture comes into play. It’s best to take care of small problems now--either yourself or by contacting a professional--to preserve your drywall.

Upgrading, renovating, or even decorating your home to enhance appeal can be endeavors on their own, yet some things should not be forgotten about if you want a visually appealing and a well blended room. Curtains are one of several on this list and they make a world of difference in theme, design, and mood of any room, especially since they stand out so much.
Fabrics are one item on the list of many that get used every single day and are something that would be non-existent without materials. Understanding the difference between materials and fabrics can be confusing; especially with the way both terms get used for various products like curtains by various manufacturers. In conclusion, a fabric is known as the ending results of spinning and weaving materials together. The couch in your living room is made from fabric, whether it was made from leather and cotton or vinyl and leather. Curtains fall under the same situation. To put things into perspective, a fabric can be made from just about any material or fibers and products like curtains can be described based on either one.
A lot of fabrics are defined by the materials used. This creates confusion between similar products. On top of that, some are named based on a particular design. As an example, calico fabric is made from cotton material, but is also named based on the small flower patterns in the background with some contrast. In addition to calico, a damask fabric is made from cotton and has small raised dots on one side of the fabric. Satin fabric is named from materials used, which can be polyester, silk, cotton, or a mixture of any of these. Chenille fabric is derived from chenille yarn that is made from acrylic, cotton, olefin, and rayon materials.
The majority of materials can be vulnerable to sun rot over time, but silk curtains are highly prone to it. Nevertheless, silk present a designer enhancement to any fabric. Both polyester and rayon provide the style and look of silk, but present more durability to a fabric. Velvet, corduroy, and wool blended curtains have more weight to them and work good for floor to ceiling applications. Linen adds strength and durability with its stiffness properties, but does easily wrinkle. On top of that, it is resistant to the sun and it adds beauty and elegance. Nylon presents the advantages of being machine washable and durable.
You do everything you can to make a room look great, such as sanitizing, house cleaning, painting, room remodeling, and even decorating. With that in mind, the curtains play a huge roll too. The durability level, the dependability level, the design, and even the overall appeal depend on the materials and fabrics that get used to make the curtain. These characteristics of a curtain are essential to understand so that you have more power to get what you truly need and to find the right advantages over the disadvantages, as well as the right look.
When faced with the prospect of choosing floor tiles for your latest home remodeling project, it is possible that you may panic. While price is definitely a concern, there are other options as well, such as how long the tile would last, whether it would stay clean, and the appearance of the tile in general. It is advisable to hire a flooring installation contractor to ensure the job gets done right and to help you decide on what flooring to install.
There are so many different kinds of floor tiles; it can be daunting to sort through them all. Granite is definitely a personal favorite. It is somewhat favorably priced and is long-lasting and durable. Granite can handle kids and pets since it is difficult for it to get stained or scratched. It is also a visually appealing option for floor tile.
Granite is pricier than ceramic tile, which is the more popular option among homeowners for a flooring installation. Ceramic tile can be either porcelain or non-porcelain. Both options are reasonably priced and also pretty durable.
Linoleum or vinyl tiles are probably the least expensive option for floor tiles and the easiest to install. Unfortunately, even though they come in a variety of colors and styles, they tend to look inexpensive. In addition, linoleum tiles can tear and stain quite easily.
Marble is quite pleasant to look at and your guests will definitely be impressed if you choose it as your floor tile. However, you better be an extremely neat and tidy person without children as marble is quite porous, which causes stains to become permanent.
The kitchen cabinets play a significant role in the overall design of any kitchen. They also serve as a necessary place for storing all your kitchen products. If you have broken doors, crooked doors, worn out cabinets, warped shelves, or even lack of shelves; it may be time for a kitchen cabinet upgrade.

If opting for a kitchen upgrade, your first step should be to determine what materials you would like your cabinets to be made of. Pine is very affordable and therefore, is very common. Oak is more expensive, but adds strength and dependability. Particle board cabinets are probably the cheapest with their wood-grain laminate coatings, but are not as durable against moisture or impacts.

The second step involves choosing your color(s) and designs. Cabinets are widely available in various stain colors and paint colors. In addition, you can select unfinished cabinets and do it yourself to suit your specific needs. Color choice is important because it makes a huge impact on the kitchen area and also contributes to the theme.

Design contributes to the overall theme and style too. Many cabinets have routed edges to enhance the look, while others may have fashionable designs on the surface. Once again, going with unfinished cabinets can allow you to create your own design. If opting for mirrored or glass doors; they will usually have some design to them too, but not always.

The third most important thing to do when doing a kitchen cabinet upgrade is the dimensions. You want enough space to have a good amount of storage room, yet also have a good number of shelves to suit your needs. Having a balance between occupied space in your kitchen and the amount of storage provided can be challenging, but a kitchen upgrade professional can help you decide.

Upon choosing your dream kitchen cabinets and having them installed, you can relax and enjoy the exciting addition you brought to your kitchen. Perhaps you will end up with more kitchen space too!
Air is essential to life and your home's air plays an overall role in everyday living, especially since you occupy the place for a good part of each day. Air is invisible, yet can carry many pollutants, allergens, and contaminants. Your house looks great because you work hard at keeping it up and perhaps try to make it more comfortable with home remodeling or organization, but the air contributes to a healthy environment too.
Households rank high as one of the biggest sources for illness and allergies. Summer can be a bear too with air conditioned homes, but at least they help reduce the pollutants to some minor degree with their filtration.
The best way to reduce pollutants in the air within your household is to purchase air purifiers for every room. While this may not be a reality, you can surely have a few to help lower the level of pollutants and place them, in the most commonly used areas.
Another great idea you can employ is to place window fans in your windows. The polluted air will be pushed out of the home and the outdoor air will be welcomed into the home. If you decide to try it, be sure to have other windows open so fresh air can enter when the polluted air escapes. You will be required to periodically clean the screens, but this is minor because of the positive results you receive from doing this method.
On another note, your vacuum could be polluting the air more than you think. Many vacuums have filtration to cut back on kicking up pollutants
into the air, but that often does not work as well as claimed. Many actually blow the contaminants around and vacuums with HEPA do not
necessarily mean that you will have fresh, clean air returned to the home. Most benefits and drawbacks just depend on the model. Nevertheless,
you can choose a better quality vacuum with newer technology that significantly reduces what most vacuums throw up in to the air.
A home that is air contaminant free is basically nonexistent, but can be controlled to a comforting level.

Planning on a finished basement remodeling or redecorating? As you start to gather ideas to turn your basement into a fun living space, you’ll want to look for things that are exciting and maybe different from what you’ve done in the past. If that’s the case, these tips are for you! Here are five ideas to make your basement both interesting and elegant:

1. Don’t let red scare you! Red is a bold color, but as such, people are often afraid to use in their homes. The trick to taming red is to balance it with lighter, solid neutrals. Pair a red wall with white furniture and features, or vice versa.

2. Switch out the accessories frequently. For the most part, once you settle on a design and all the elements of it, you keep your accessories the same. However, if you find yourself wishing to change things up more often, go for it!

You can do this and add touches of whatever’s trendy to your room by always keeping your eyes open for new accessories that fit your décor and switching them in whenever you feel like it.

3. Florals. For many, florals got a bit of a bad reputation, but these aren’t your mother’s florals! Bring these beautiful, under-appreciated patterns to the limelight by combining a bold floral with a strong, solid color.

When you are remodeling or decorating, the decision for what to do with the walls in your home come down to a few things: color, features like crown molding, and what you hang on your walls. Some designers are looking for a more exciting take on walls, and here are some of their interesting ideas:

Textured Wall

This one has become popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: when you add texture to a wall, you give it dimension and interest quite separate from what you hang on it!

One great tip is to keep your textured wall monochromatic. This allows you to add extra décor like art, a mantle, or shelves without visual competition.

An Art Wall

Love art? This is the perfect wall idea for you! Most often, you hang art on a wall, but what if your whole wall was devoted to art?

There are a couple of great ways to do this: you can create a gallery wall that covers the entire space by choosing pieces that fit tightly together, or you can use prints to make an entire wall collage!

The Concrete Wall

One of the best ways to bring a brand new feel to a room is to combine different styles. By mixing things that are unexpected, you bring an interesting dynamic to the entire room.

Your property may perhaps appear amazing along with the home renovations you choose to do, but delivering enthusiasm to your outside living space is usually an upgrade everybody will appreciate. Your outdoor home life can become more spectacular with some clever, inexpensive tricks. There are plenty of budget-friendly upgrades and enhancements you can do, without spending an arm and a leg.
Your external livable space will only be as good as the grassy locations close to it. If those spaces or portions thereof acquire loads of traffic, look into laying stepping gravel down. This helps prevent muddy areas, brown areas, flattened areas, and unsightly views.
Plants and pots can enhance the wall areas, the walkways, patio zones, and even corner areas. This provides for an easy opportunity to color up your outdoor area. Choosing the flower containers provides the time to add some style, as well as colorful blends. Plants come in a wide variety of shades and this allows you to create your patio with your own coloring theme ideas. In fact, potted plants provide the advantage of never being the same, allowing for an ever-changing, ever-creative environment that does not get stale over time.
Perhaps you have experienced a greenhouse with all their flowers spread out on the floor, out in the open? Consider that creatively attractive feature and go with it in your living space. Sure, you will not obtain that many flowers, yet the appearance will undoubtedly be remarkable.
Your Furniture can create beauty, unless of course it is worn out, stained, broke, or dull. To save cash, think about painting it while in excellent shape. Paint is widely available in many different types, allowing for one that works for you. On top of that, switch the old soft cushions with a few attractive colorations or styles.

Are you considering sprucing up your bathroom with a bathroom remodel? New tub surrounds or wall coverings can add new life to any bathroom. In addition, new fixtures can create a whole new look and feel; one that would let you enjoy soaking in the tub…or perhaps one that excites your day. This is your time to follow through with your bathroom remodel and make it a place of your own. Create an exciting environment that satisfies your personality.

Your choice of colors also plays a big role in the results you create. When choosing colors for your bathroom, the possibilities are endless. No matter what style you are going for, color coordination is important. Decide on what you want your cabinets to be, as well as the walls. When replacing your tub, shower, or wall surrounds, you can also choose colors that work with your desires.
Bathroom sinks are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and mounting options. You have options such as cabinet mounted sinks, wall mounted sinks, and pedestal mounted sinks. Depending on the size of your bathroom, one may work better than the others. Nevertheless, pick one that fits your ideas of a relaxing, mood brightening bathroom. You may be interested in designing a luxurious style bathroom as well. No matter what you decide, there are plenty of options to fit just about anything your imagination creates.

A room addition can extend and create a great space in your home, but there are many things to consider when you’re looking to add on to your house. One of the first things to consider is: what will we make of a room addition?

When you’re deciding that, it’s important to look at what you can use most. If you aren’t sure, you might want to consider a family room, and here’s why:

Versatile Space. A family room can serve a lot of functions, from a place to watch movies to a game room to a place to entertain. If the space is connected to the kitchen and made to be open, you will have a perfect area to invite family and friends for everything from parties to holidays!

A Great Return on Investment. Many remodeling projects give a return on the investment, which is a great reason to remodel—not only do you get a space that looks and works better for your family, but you also get a return when you sell the house.

A family room addition will get you about a 63.3% return on investment, and over 50% is a great number to shoot for!

Alternative Options

If a room addition is out of the question but you still want the versatility, functionality, and returns of a new room, consider a refinishing or remodeling.

If your basement is unfinished, you can finish it and turn it into an incredibly useful and just as versatile family room. No basement? Consider remodeling a spare room into a family room for entertainment.

Your family room can be anything you want it to be—what will you do with yours?

Do you spend summer evenings on your porch, deck, or sunroom chatting with friends and enjoying the season? Chances are, you have furniture and some decorative items there, but how much have you decorated the space?

The truth is, you can do a lot with a porch or deck space, especially by incorporating color. If you aren’t sure how to begin with creating a true outdoor living area, this should get you moving in the right direction:

The Furniture

The outdoor furniture you use will likely be your biggest, most eye-catching feature, so it’s important to find something you really like. There are so many options available, from outdoor sofas and lounges to comfortable bucket chairs and soft benches.

Buy your furniture in a color that suits you and your style, but you might want to stick to buying a neutral color you like. Why? Because this creates a versatile canvas on which you can build the rest of your décor.

Better yet, if you get tired of one theme, you can easily switch to something new just by changing out the accessories!

At the beginning of the year, the design build team at Elle Décor looked over three of the most popular trends they predicted for 2013. If you haven’t jumped on board with any of these yet and you want to, it’s never too late!

How important are trends in design? How do you value trends versus personal taste? It’s a delicate balance! Here’s a look at some of the trends they predicted:

Brass. The Elle team touted brass as “the metal of the moment,” and saw it being used in every possible aspect. In some cases it was in the accessories: frames, vases, candle holders, book ends, and statues. Other times it was in the furniture or architecture itself, from chairs with brass elements to brass staircases.

Green. In January, Pantone announced that their color for the year was Emerald, a rich shade of green. Pantone wasn’t the only one to call out this color—in fact, several paint companies revealed shades of green as their colors of the year, as well.

This one has definitely stuck. Green in different shades has a widely universal appeal, and it can be used in many different ways.

If your basement feels a little less than interesting or welcoming, it might be time for some basement remodeling. There are a lot of things you can do in your basement to make it look and feel better, and a full remodel will transform the place completely.

Not ready for basement remodeling yet? There are a few things you can do first that will make a big impact on your space. If you’re ready for a change, start here:

1. Finishing. If you have an unfinished ceiling, walls, or floor, it instantly makes the basement feel like a basement rather than a functioning, comfortable room. If you can, finishing whatever is unfinished will instantly provide a more welcoming, warm environment.

2. Color. Nothing changes a room as quickly and effectively as color. Find a bold color or a rich neutral (or a combination!) and add it to the walls. If you have a larger basement you plan to divide into sections—TV room here, office there—it’s not a bad idea to use different but complementary colors for each room to help define the space.

3. Light. Basements are naturally dark. If you have a window, maximize it! Otherwise, invest in some great light fixtures with brighter, higher-watt bulbs, and put them on dimmer switches for control. Spread light throughout the room through in-set lights, lamps, and sconces to make it feel more inviting.

If you want a completely finished, designed, and functional basement, remodeling is your ultimate goal, but investing in one of these three will definitely get your basement’s transformation started. 

If you’ve ever done a search for information about different ideas for kitchen remodeling, you probably encountered an awful lot of layout and decorating terms you weren’t extremely familiar with. Don’t worry, this is normal!

Take a look at these three common kitchen layouts, and next time you see them, you will know exactly what they’re talking about—who knows, maybe you’ll even impress your friends with your kitchen knowledge. Maybe.

One Wall (Pullman Kitchen): This is the space-saving kitchen design. If you’re not a big cook or you only cook for yourself and you don’t want your kitchen to take up a lot of space in your home, this is a great choice.

It’s called “one wall” because everything related to the kitchen is tucked into a single length of wall: this includes appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Some homeowners are using this design but adding an island for a more inviting kitchen and to provide more workspace.

If you have a sunroom, you know the benefits of having a place to relax filled with natural light and a bit of the outside inside. How do you decorate your sunroom? Have you filled it with odds and ends but are hoping for a more cohesive style?

One popular and comfortable style is reaching back to beach memories and creating a coastal room that invites you to come in and relax. With these designs, you’ll be one step short of smelling salty sea air!

The Getaway. Imagine a beach villa, situated on an island coast. Quiet, restful, natural, and exquisite—you can turn your sunroom into that space for you:

Pair creamy white colors and fabrics with natural elements like whicker and wood to create the feeling of an elegant villa. If you want a splash of color, look for creamy butter yellows or rich bronzes to maintain the lush but natural feeling of the space.

One of the best ways to get an amazing job on your kitchen remodeling is to know what you need and want in your kitchen. Is there something you need for functionality that’s a must-have? What about a particular look you know you want more than anything else?

Take some time to think about all of the things you want, then write them down. You and your contractor can discuss them to prioritize and come up with ways to incorporate what you want into a cohesive space.

Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Not sure where to start or what to look for on your “wants” list? Take a look at a couple of these ideas by a homeowner who knew exactly what they wanted!

Open Up. More modern floor plans have open spaces and fewer walls between rooms, but that wasn’t the case in the past. Older homes still incorporated closed-off kitchens and dining rooms.

If this isn’t your style, taking out a wall might be an important part of your remodel. Opening up your kitchen can be a huge benefit!

Imagine you’re ready for a basement remodeling or room addition, and you’re eager to get started. What do you do first? What can you do to help make everything go smoothly?

For a lot of homeowners, one of the first steps is hiring a contractor. There are many contractors vying for your remodeling project, how do you know which one to trust and who to hire?

These two mistakes are by far the most common mistakes homeowners make when looking for a contractor. Knowing these and how to avoid them will make your decision easier and your remodel much better!

#1: Hiring Any Contractor. There are plenty of choices for contractors out there, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re likely to just go with the first one that looks okay.

A bad contractor can make your remodeling experience a nightmare: incomplete work or extremely slow progress, poor quality craftsmanship, lack of communication. The best way to get a good contractor is to do your research so you can have confidence in your choice.

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is to take a look at what other homeowners are doing and seeing if their ideas appeal to you. Even if they don't, though; you can often find principles in the things they do that can apply to your own remodel.

HGTV featured some pictures from Rate My Space, and these three in particular offered some overarching principles that could apply to any project:

Design for a Purpose

If you're considering a remodel, one of the best questions you can ask yourself is: “What do I want this room to be for me?” After all, it's your house and your space, and knowing the purpose of the room can help you make decisions.

In this bathroom, the homeowner wanted somewhere to relax, and everything about the room reflects that.

A year long renovation in Martha Stewart Editorial Director Kevin Sharkey's home led to some realizations and tips for getting through the process of a remodel in your home. Some lessons are better learned by doing, but these are some lessons you're okay knowing before you begin with your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel! Here are 5 of Kevin's tips:

  1. Create a Decorating File. Store your ideas somewhere: it might be on your computer, it might be a paper folder, binder, or box, but however you choose to keep them, having all of your inspirations and ideas in the same place will make it a lot easier to make decisions about the space and explain to your contractor what you're looking for.

  2. Hire a Professional. Sure, there are small renovation tasks just about any homeowner can do. However, remodeling or full renovation requires significantly more work—and insight. You're better off in a long run with a contractor from the beginning. Do check references and experience, though.

  3. Trust Yourself. It's natural to worry about whether or not you made the right choice when you plunk down a significant amount of money on a big item, but keep this in mind: there was something that led you the purchase to begin with, so trust your instincts.

  4. Use Mirrors. Mirrors are extremely affordable and yet make a huge impact on any space. Don't be afraid to use mirrors as art or focal points. Entryways are an especially good place for a mirror.

  5. Take Pictures. You're going to want to remember the before and afters, so make sure you take them—and you might want to take progress pictures, as well, so you can remember how far your space has come when it's finished!

Remodeling is a big step for a lot of people, but sometimes it's the best choice. When you have a hand in designing and caring for the space, you'll appreciate it that much more.

When a family lives in a home, there are certain things you can do to make it more comfortable for everyone. Whether it's the room designs you choose, the flooring, the layout, or room addition, buying or remodeling a home to suit your family brings in a lot of considerations.

Of course, especially with children, it's often the little, thoughtful additions that make the biggest impression. Here are three of these great features to include in your next remodel:

Built-in Chalkboards. Chalkboard paint can effectively make any surface a chalkboard. If you're worried about your child coloring on the walls or just want to give them a creative outlet, a chalkboard built into the house does the trick!

Think about the potential surfaces and which one's going to work best before you do it. You can pick anything from the refrigerator to an entire wall in a child's bedroom!

Whether you do a kitchen remodel or focus on outdoor living, the goal is to make your house a better place to be for you and your family, but you probably also consider the affect the changes you make have on the resale value of your home.

In addition to your remodeling projects, you can put just a little bit of work into perking up the outside of your home and get really good results, improving your curb appeal.

  1. Use large features to draw the eye. Have a particular part of your yard you love and want people to look at? Use your larger features near it to bring attention to the area. This could include a water feature or a large, ornate potted plant.

Basement finishing is a great project if you have an unfinished basement that you aren't using for anything. Because of the cost of creating structure, finishing a room is a more affordable alternative to building an addition, and a basement can become anything!

What is the future of the room? Before you start remodeling, it's a good idea to really think about what the room is going to be. Will it always be a rec room? Or will it become a craft room at some point? Is it multi-purpose or very specific? Will it ever become a bedroom?

Knowing the direction the room will take will help you plan what things you can be flexible on and what things are important to maintain for you to have the room you want.

If you've been trying to decide between moving to a new house and remodeling the one you have, there are some important things to consider. Cost is, unsurprisingly, the first one that comes to mind. Moving can be pretty expensive when you consider commissions, closing costs, and moving costs, it adds up.

But there's more: moving is also a big step, and many homeowners find moving to be one of the most stressful things they've done has homeowners.

If there's only a few things in your house you'd like to see improved, remodeling is going to be a better bet. Most homeowners agree, as design-build companies have seen a significant increase in remodeling in the past five years.

There are a lot of reasons to hire professionals when you start remodeling. Insight, experience, knowledge, skills—projects that might seem simple on the surface can often be much more involved than you think.

This Old House took a look at some extremely questionable discoveries that home inspectors made, and we've picked three scary finds. These homeowners could have used some professional remodeling advice from some design-build experts! 


Circuit breaker boxes are usually found in out-of-the way areas: basements, garages, closets. Sometimes you'll find one lurking in a kitchen or bedroom, but for the most part, they are safely tucked away for those moments when you need to flip a switch.

Unfortunately, this is not a good place for a circuit breaker box—even lowering the shower head doesn't make this less scary!

If you're going to start a remodeling project, you'll want to make that experience as easy as possible. From basement or kitchen remodeling to room additions, there are a lot of considerations that go into any project.

Just getting started on a remodel? Here are some tips inspired by The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI):

Tip #1: Plan Ahead. Planning is the number one way to make everything a little bit better. The more you plan, and the more detailed your plans are, the less likely you are to encounter unpleasant surprises and big roadblocks. Look at every aspect of the remodeling, from how it will change your home to how much it will cost to how much of a time investment it will be.

The more you think ahead, the better off you will be in the long run!


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